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Jul 17, 2009 08:31 PM

Picnic supplies in the 7th? Anything about Malakoff?

Hello - I have been following discussions on Paris and Lyon with GREAT interest, and I feel well-equipped with possibilities for the brief time we will be there - husband is on tour, wife and 5 year old get to tag along for 5 days in France! We are staying in Le Puy en Velay, where I hope to enjoy St. Marcellin cheese, and the lauded lentils. We will have a half day in Lyon where I plan to go to Les Halles, and perhaps a place for lunch (I have 7 on my list!) When we head back north, our hotel is in Malakoff, on the outskirts of sw Paris....I have another long list of lunch and dinner possibilities in Paris, but came up with something I thought the hounds could help with!

We have planned one day to go into Paris proper by metro during the day - particularly to see the Eiffel tower, which my young son is obsessed with. I thought it might be a good idea to get off the train, load up on picnic supplies, and have a leisurely meader around the 7th arrondissement, culminating in a picnic on the grounds.

Sooooo - I would welcome specific suggestions of delicious bread, cheese, charcuterie, or anything else "take-out" style that we can collect and enjoy.

We are staying in Malakoff, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Rue Cler is probably the best shopping area close to the tower, lots of variety and good quality, you will be able to get everything here. It is also worth heading to Le Bon Marche, a large department store with a great food hall (La Grande Epicerie), this is a great one stop shop and a bus ride away from the tower (buses can be more fun than the metro because you see more, the RATP website has a great route planner, Paris is very small so you are not really in the burbs).

    For restaurants you are close to the 15eme which has some very good options: Jadis, Afairia, Le Troquet, Au Dernier Metro, and La Cave de l'Os a Moelle

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      Wow PhilD - that response brought so much into focus! Thanks for the tips on the busses, and for the Grand Epicerie rec....and for letting me know about all those amazing options close to where we are staying - should be able to swing two or three of those! Wow. I'm now officially extremely excited!

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        I would recommend that you include a visit to Boulangerie Secco at 20 rue Jean Nicot in the 7th for putting together your picnic. They have delicious bread and pastries, but also some prepared foods that would be good for your picnic, such as grated carrots, ratatouille, etc. I don't remember if they have sandwiches. And it is a charming place (be sure to see both parts; they are next door to each other) and a pleasant walk from there to the Eiffel Tower.

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          Looks wonderful! Very close to Rue Cler too, if google is correct, so this is perfect!

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        Phil (again) is spot on: Bon Marche is it for everything from a knife to cut salami to fruit for the trip. The 15th has exploded recently and there are even more opportunities than were given above (all of which are good), Marcab, Grand Pan & Au Gout Dujour included - and searching spell it Afaria, a splendid place where you must sit at the common table to get the great stuff (French tapas). Descriptions at

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          Thank you John - I am looking forward to diving into your blog. Who knew, when the "powers that be" booked us into a place called Malakoff, that we were in the exploding arrondissment!?!? The real tragedy here is that we have 48 hours. I will eat all day long, if need be!

      3. Thanks so much for all the suggestions - we had an all-too-brief stay in Paris, and I was overruled on dinners. Sigh. THANKS for the Rue Cler suggestion - that was just a great experience, although thanks to a restless kiddo I didn't have time to find Secco. I did find a nice boulangerie for some fine bread, and a great cheese shop (two kinds plus some saucisson sec) and a bunch of fruit was perfect. The best find on Rue Cler was a gelato place called Amarino - incredibly delicious gelato made from organic eggs and milk and flavorings. The deal here is to pick two flavors and get it on a large or small cone - the way they construct the scoops looks like a flower. I had a dark chocolate center with hazlenut petals - gorgeous, delicious, and a nice surprise.

        For the record, we ate two meals around Malakoff....first at the Hotel de Ville restaurant - serviceable croque madame, pedestrian escalope of veal with sauce normande and plain elbow noodles, and poor filet of sole. We also ate at Au Timbre Poste - this was actually pretty good, but nothing to write in detail about...nice torchon of foie gras, good steak frites, decent steak tartare, OK frisee salad with enormous lardons and large cubes of poached giblets - not 100% sure what they were.

        Chow-wise, I had much better luck in the small town of Le Puy en Velay, but I will post about that elsewhere and later! Thanks again to all who responded...the suggestions will not go to waste...I just need to bring myself to France for a week to eat (oh yeah, maybe hit a museum too - heard they have some pretty good ones...sigh...) without the distractions!