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Jul 17, 2009 08:04 PM

Fancy cookie?

I want to make cookies for a work friend who deserves something special, and is himself very well put together. Any ideas for something extra special, i.e. fancy and pretty?

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  1. I think Ginger crinkles are quite attractive cookies when rolled it raw sugar.

    1. I usually go with rainbow cookies for special presents.

      1. I also realized I have a recipe for a dough that can be colored and used to construct butterflies with spiral wings, i.e. you roll two colors around each other and slice through it, then flatten.
        I like your rainbow idea -- I do have a number of colors of sugars, although not sure I have rainbow colors . . .

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          I immediately thought of rainbow cookies too. But they're not cookies with rainbow-colored sugar, they are more like petit fours with layered almond cake, raspberry or apricot jam between the layers, and coated with chocolate. You might know them as seven-layer or Italian flag cookies. They are delicious, impressive, and not very difficult to make (although a little time-consuming). Every time I make these people can't believe that they're not from a bakery. Here's a link to a recipe:

        2. Palmiers -- classic and stylish. Or, shortbread long rectangles dipped halfway in dark chocolate

          1. Melting moments with chocolate filling might be nice. I have a recipe bookmarked that I've yet to try, but can send to you. I also have a lovely soft sandwich cookie that is filled with an apple butter and cream cheese filling. They're wonderful!

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              i've made chocolate melting moments and then turned them into sandwich cookies with orange buttercream between. these can also be half-dipped in dark chocolate.

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                Good call - I love the chocolate and orange combination.

              2. re: katecm

                Could you kindly direct me to the apple butter and cream cheese sandwich cookie recipe? That sounds fantastic. Thanks!