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Fancy cookie?

I want to make cookies for a work friend who deserves something special, and is himself very well put together. Any ideas for something extra special, i.e. fancy and pretty?

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  1. I think Ginger crinkles are quite attractive cookies when rolled it raw sugar.

    1. I usually go with rainbow cookies for special presents.

      1. I also realized I have a recipe for a dough that can be colored and used to construct butterflies with spiral wings, i.e. you roll two colors around each other and slice through it, then flatten.
        I like your rainbow idea -- I do have a number of colors of sugars, although not sure I have rainbow colors . . .

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          I immediately thought of rainbow cookies too. But they're not cookies with rainbow-colored sugar, they are more like petit fours with layered almond cake, raspberry or apricot jam between the layers, and coated with chocolate. You might know them as seven-layer or Italian flag cookies. They are delicious, impressive, and not very difficult to make (although a little time-consuming). Every time I make these people can't believe that they're not from a bakery. Here's a link to a recipe:

        2. Palmiers -- classic and stylish. Or, shortbread long rectangles dipped halfway in dark chocolate

          1. Melting moments with chocolate filling might be nice. I have a recipe bookmarked that I've yet to try, but can send to you. I also have a lovely soft sandwich cookie that is filled with an apple butter and cream cheese filling. They're wonderful!

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              i've made chocolate melting moments and then turned them into sandwich cookies with orange buttercream between. these can also be half-dipped in dark chocolate.

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                Good call - I love the chocolate and orange combination.

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                Could you kindly direct me to the apple butter and cream cheese sandwich cookie recipe? That sounds fantastic. Thanks!

              3. What are your feelings on this cookie. I don't know about this pudding powder, but something tells me it can be bought at either World Market or TJ's . Or I'd try a pudding mix. It looks so appealing to me. The other on that are nice are what I call cherry jammie. Its a cookie made with cream cheese and then cherry jam in the center. Or you could go even more crazy and make madelliens or macarons???

                1. alfajores (with a shaped cookie)
                  chocolate dipped florentines/lace cookies
                  chocolate espresso biscotti with a white chocolate drizzle
                  linzer cookies
                  chocolate dipped coconut macaroons
                  "oreo" cookies made with valhorna cocoa
                  macaron - french; but these seem very hard!

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                    nice list. Maybe add Rugelach made with a cream-cheese or yeast dough. I typically fill the cream-cheese with a traditional nuts/raisins mix, but the yeast variety gets dusted with cinnamon sugar and filled with a light schmear of apricot jam.

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                      i was going to suggest rugelach too but since the dough can be fussy, they can turn out pretty ugly! lol. i like the look of drizzled chocolate and powdered sugar on them.

                      can you post the recipe for the yeast variety? been meaning to try one with chocolate filling.

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                        I'll have to search for it -- somewhere in the recipe folder I inherited from my mother. I do know that chocolate filling is tough with the yeast version. It just melts out the sides.

                  2. How about a giant (18" diameter or more) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. Make the entire batch of dough into one giant cookie as big in diameter as your biggest sheet pan, and bake it on parchement paper. Since it's soooo big you could use Hershey Kises instead of conventional 1M chocolate chips.