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Jul 17, 2009 06:34 PM

What restaurants MUST I try in Dallas before moving?

I have lived in the suburbs of Dallas for a few years now, but I'll be moving to the East Coast in a month. As a foodie-wannabe traveling all around the country, I just realized that I've explored exceptionally little of the Dallas (and surrounding areas) culinary scene. So do you have suggestions of "must try" restaurants in Dallas before I leave? I am building a list of anything I must try - including the following:
- Brunch
- Dessert
- Fine dining
- Steak
- Barbecue
- Tex-Mex
- Prix-fixe
- Cocktails
- Neighborhood / local favorites
- Cheap eats
I would especially appreciate it if you tell me your favorite dish(es) at the place you're recommending, e.g. at Blue Mesa my favorite dish is Painted Dessert Soup.

Thanks for your help!!

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    1. off the top of my head....

      Fine Dining--Lola, York Street, Stephan Pyles, Bijoux
      Neighborhood--The Porch, Ali Baba, Bolsa, Tillman's Roadhouse
      Sushi--Teppo, Tei Tei

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        I wouldn't try Stephen Pyles, we had trouble there a few weekends ago and they still have not responded to us after repeated calls and they did not come see us table side after the complaint.

        I think York Street is fantastic. I love the potato soup with creme fraiche, the lobster cakes are well executed and served with an odd tasty remoulade. My husband had the strip steak, devine. I always get the gnocci. It is so perfect!

        I go to Ali Baba almost weekly for lunch. They have the best hummus. The lamb kabobs are out-of-this-worldly good.

      2. I lived in Dallas (Lakewood) for 6 years and go back monthly for business

        Steak - Nick & Sam's. If you care to venture to Ft Worth (which I recommend hitting downtown and Bass Hall for a show before you leave) Del Frisco's is outstanding. For some reason the food and atmosphere is better than Dallas and Houston locations.
        Tex-Mex - Mi cocina - chain but hard to beat quality
        El Salvadoran - Gloria's
        Javier's - interior Mexican - have a drink in the bar before dinner
        Cocktails - Louie's (on Knox) - great cocktails and thin crust pizza; The Loon - on Lemmon across from W. Village. Both rec's are old school - not Dallas 'scene's'.
        Local favorites - Babe's Fried chicken - various locations; Burger House - great burgers, fries and shakes - at least 2 locations.
        BBQ - Sonny Bryan's - original location on Inwood
        Seafood - S&D Oyster Bar - New Orleans style - order cream cheese/shrimp dip app and try shrimp po boy!