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Jul 17, 2009 06:06 PM

Fine Dining in Edinburgh and London

Next Spring my boyfriend and I are headed to both London and Edinburgh and I was looking for some suggestions as to where to go out and have an unforgettable experience. We were thinking of trying out the big names (Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London). In Edinburgh I have been looking at The Kitchin. We are looking for a really special and memorable meal and I am sure we are bound to find it in both great cities!


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  1. You can't go wrong with Kitchin. The chef is a very fine one. Also search the archives here to see some other suggestions.

    I don't know where you're from, but I am a big fan of Maze, which is Ramsay-owned but has a different chef. Heck, Ramsay doesn't cook in any of his restaurants now. Maze is different, delicious and you won't forget the experience.

    I'll let others comment on Oliver or other places to try.

    1. The Kitchin is getting has had a few poor reviews recently, dark comments about TV fame getting in the way of the cooking. Other ideas are "Martin Wishart" which is superb, or the new "21212" which opened recently to great acclaim. My understanding is that 21212 is the most glamorous of the three, and probably has the most cutting edge menu. There is a new Michelin starred restaurant "The Plumed Horse" but I have seen few reports of it, there is also "One Balmoral" which is the cities other starred restaurant, and is located in a grand hotel.

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        I had a wonderful meal at One Balmoral. The food is excellent and the service is wonderful. They bring out a bread tray with a wide selection-- including bacon bread. It is expensive, though. As is most fine dining in the UK.

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          I've yet to schlep up north to eat at 21212, but if Paul's cooking is as good as his last restaurant, then it will be certainly a good cutting edge feed. And if Katie's "front of house" is as good, then it'll be a great overall experience.

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            Thanks guys.

            And I am from Canada.

            I have heard of Maze, that was actually the Ramsay restaurant that intrigued me most. Would you recommend that one above the rest of his?

            I also looks at the restaurant at the Balmoral, it looks great.

            Never heard of 21212, Martin Wishart, or The Plumed Horse but I will definitely look them up!

            Any other suggestions?

            1. re: Foodie149

              Hi Foodie149: another Canadian here, who was at Maze in May. Despite a snafu in the service, where the whole restaurant seemed to fall apart around 10 pm, leaving us with about 40 minutes between courses 4 and 5 (of 7), the food was absolutely amazing. Haven't eaten at other Ramsay places, but would highly recommend Maze. Would also recommend St John (or Bread and Wine) for a more unusual, yet somewhat traditional, British food experience.

              1. re: Dan G

                Hey fellow Canadian! Ha ha

                Maze definitely seems to be up my alley, it appeals to me most out of the Ramsay restaurants. What were some examples of your courses if you don't mind sharing?

                I will look into St. John and Bread and Wine. What about them makes you describe them as unusual?

                Thanks for the advice :)

                1. re: Dan G

                  Ha ha the St John's Bread and Wine looks to be very British :P Is it very good?

                  1. re: Foodie149

                    B&W was great. Very simple food, fresh and well prepared. I started with eel, suckling kid for main. Kid was wonderful, silky, pink and sweet and tasted like milk. Wife had some sort of salad to start, pigeon as main. She thought it was a bit rare - and it was even for me, though they cooked it a bit extra for her! I ate at St.John too, and think it might have been a bit better (or at least more adventurous) but I would return to either or both next time I'm in London.

                    1. re: Dan G

                      Sounds good! I looked at St. John's menu and some of the menu items looked a bit to adventurous for me ha ha.