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Jul 17, 2009 06:05 PM

Knife Sharpening in Montreal

This is my first post so don't flame me.

I have a Henckels 4 Star Granton Santoku which was mangled by a freckly- faced kid at Boutik Electrik in PVM. He took too much blade off in some parts and basically flattened the blade. It didn't rock on the cutting board like it should. I tried a "professional" sharpening service to fix it, but the reality is that they only ever re-sharpened the knife, they never corrected it. I was all but ready to put it to use in the garage as another paint-scraper when I came across L'Emmoufleur on Parthenais St.

He was able to re-profile the blade and give it a hand-sharpen on the japanese wetstone. I picked it up this afternoon and took it home to attack a pineapple. WOW!! This knife is now scary sharp. Seriously scary sharp....It wasn't even one of those nice ripe pineapples but one that was getting a little on the old side. You know, the ones that feel a little spongy to the touch.... anyway this knife cut through it like butter. The fine edge on the blade has this mirror like finish that flashes like platinum. I guess that's what the steel is supposed to look like when it is sharpened properly!

It's not going to cost you the $4 that Boutik Electik charges you but it is worth every cent. I will probably never go back to regular grinding wheel sharpeners ever again.


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      1. re: pinalafina

        Yes, that would be it. I must have been having a brain fart.

        p.s. the guy at L'Emouleur is super nice also. I'm taking my Henckels back to get sharpened and may pick up a Misono knife for myself.

        1. re: dls072

          How long does it take to get the knives back? Since I only own one chef knife, is there such a thing as knife "de courtoisie"?

      2. Thanks -- this is an issue I was looking into.