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Jul 17, 2009 06:00 PM

Downtown lunch in Pittsburgh

Will be in Pittsburgh Monday, Aug 3, staying at the Hampton Inn on Smallman. Looking for a good place for lunch in the downtown area. We like to walk and will have time to check out more than one place. Greek, Italian, American preferred, but any good, moderately priced place will do. Also, we plan to take in a Pirates game Monday night. How is the ballpark food?


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  1. You will be about an ten minute walk from the Strip District, that'd be the best place for lunch in my opinion.

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      You're also only a couple of blocks from Lidia's and Kaya. They might be more "moderate" than Eleven. Check the menus.
      As has been mentioned, you're close to the strip, so you can graze and browse. There are plenty of options for eating and taking something with you. I won't even try to mention all the possibilities, only a couple. Pamela's on 21st Street is a 50's style diner with great breakfasts. A block away is 21st Street Coffee for espresso. In between at Penn and 21st is Mon Aimee Chocolate for high end and imported chocolate. You might also be interested in Klavon's Ice Cream or Big Mama's for ribs at Penn and 16th. That's an eat somewhere else kind of place.

      If you can fit it in, Ducky Tours is a hoot.

      Posted this out of place and can't figure out how to move it. TeeHee

    2. I'd hesitate to call it moderate, but some lunch menu items might apply at Eleven, which is across the street from the the Hampton. Check the menu posted outside. I've had lunch and dinner there many times; it seldom disappoints. Good food is abundant in the Strip- try Enrico's behind the Biscotti shop, Bella Notte pizza, Sunseri's sandwiches, lots of places along Penn Ave., even the Banh Mhi Vietnamese sub cart on Penn ( beware the extremely fiery chillis). Good seafood soup, sushi, and other seafood lunch at Penn Ave Fish company- you can hardly go wrong. Not much I can think of for Greek, except the excellent pita sandwiches on Sixth St. leading to the Ballpark. You might like Salonika Imports, an excellent Greek wholesaler/retail grocer, also on Smallman but no lunch however. As to the Ballpark itself, not anything special- mediocre and overpriced IMO. I studiously avoid the over-hyped and over-rated Primanti sandwiches; do you really want soggy fries and coleslaw on that sandwich? For food while watching the game- you're probably better off snagging something along Sixth st. and taking it into the game. One exception inside PNC? Maybe Manny's barbecue stand between the outfield grandstand and the river. Lose most of the humungous buns and devour the meat. Try to sit in the infield at PNC; the view of downtown I'd rate over any ballpark in the country. It only needs an actual baseball team and to lose the corny cartoons and ads on the scoreboard to make it the best ballpark in the country-tall order , I know. Have a great time!!!

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        Salonika Gyros on 6th Ave is a whirlwind of activity prior to Pirate games. Being non-meat eater I can only commment on the tasty, cheap and filling Veggie Plate. Worth a look and better than most ballpark food. Along the way from their to PNC Park you can grab some peanuts and water to take to the game and save big bucks.

      2. If you are interested in Greek, there is a place on Penn about a block from the Hampton called Crystal. I haven't been there yet but I saw it on Diners, Drive In's and Dives and it looked pretty good!

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          Cafe on the Strip (next to Rolands)on Penn Ave nice inexpensive Italian. Very good margrita Pizza and you get free glass of homemade wine and you can sit outside great people watching..


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            Thanks to all who replied! I now think I now the lay of the chow land in Pittsburgh much better.

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              Don't go to Rolands. Possibly the worst meal I've experienced in Pittsburgh- foodwise and service wise.