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Jul 17, 2009 05:00 PM

How much did you pay for strawberries?

My dad and I made a big batch of strawberry jam yesterday and we went to the Jean-Talon market to buy the fruit. We bought them without thinking about it but then, while preparing the jam, figured we had been seriously ripped off: we payed 10$ for what we think was half a crate (merchant counted it as one crate) or six small red plastic containers of day old strawberries (fresh ones were 2 $ more). I had seen 1,50$ for one small container at Valmont the day before... Were did the deal go?

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  1. last week, I paid 7 for a basket, mid size, enough for 3, 4 persons (with ice cream).

    They were to die for BTW.

    I think it was from a vendor north-east of the market, first row from première moisson.

    1. You'll pay more for everything at JTM. I love the market but there's a premium to be paid for the illusion of exclusive farm to market produce. Remember, farmers, like almost all businesspeople, just want as much of your money as they can get.

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        I'll say. $7 a basket? They're only $4 at Provigo right now, and I'm sure they are just as local/fresh.

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          "Basket" can mean many things - there are a zillion different basket sizes.

      2. I paid 15$ for a full crate (12 pints) but I think it was 2 weeks ago.

        I wanted to go pick them myself in Laval but I wasn't sure if it was worth the trip. Does anybody know the average price when you go the fields?

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          A couple of weeks ago, we got baskets at 7.50 each at the UPIK VanVelzen in Boucherville. That's 7.50 for four litres. Don't know if they still have them now.

        2. The strawberries are now more expensive because it is the end of the season and there are less available on the market, simple economics, and the "autumn strawberries" like they call them are less abundant also so more expensive. We get the autumn ones after the regular ones, they are beginning to hit the shelves.

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            Yeah, the height of the season for local strawberries has come and gone. But it hasn't been a very good season as far as quantity and quality go because of the lousy weather we've been having.

          2. The 6-pint half-crates seemed to be $12 for most of the season this year. In other years, they dropped to about $7 or $8 (though I remember several years ago that I got a full crate, 12 pints, for $8). You need to time it for the height of the season, which is generally around July 1st, though as others have said, some of the issue with the cost this year is the poor weather.

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              Thank you all for your responses. Did any of you ever buy at the Marché Central? Do they offer better deals?