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Martelli pasta (yellow bag) in Manhattan??

I tasted this for the first time this week and was wowed. Does anyone know a retail source in Manhattan? Thanks.

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  1. I love promoting pasta because its cousin cheese can't be too far behind. ... Enjoy.

    HTH --> http://www.famigliamartelli.it/englis...

    1. Williams Sonoma used to but no longer carries it; Zingermans.com has it for $12/lb or so. I've not seen it on NY shelves really for some time.

      1. Thanks so much, guys. I thought I was splurging when I picked up a bag at Malpensa airport for 3.90 euro! So $12 sounds more than a little steep. I made it last week with a recipe from her Lidia's Italy book (tomato pesto with almonds; very easy to make ahead of service) and got such enthusiastic comments, both about the sauce and the spaghetti itself.

        I appreciate your help and will fill out the form and report back. Many thanks!

        1. if you enjoy martelli, then also try rustichella d' abruzzo

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            I will try that brand as well; where do I find it?

            I've already received a response to my e-mail of this morning to Martelli. They directed me to their importer, Gustiamo, in the Bronx, and I have sent them (Gustiamo) an e-mail requesting a Manhattan retailer. I will report back if they respond.

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              both are carried in Tinos arthrur ave bronx, indoor market arthur ave, whole foods carries rustichella, but perhaps most effective way for time and $$ would be on line to purchase both brands- having said that call the itlaian deli in chelsea market, murrays cheese

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                Intrepid: Many thanks. I am always looking for an excuse to visit Arthur Avenue. I did visit the new Tino's last time, a few weeks ago, and thought that their prices were high for the area. But this pasta was so good, and I can avoid paying the shipping fee, so will plan to stock up there...

                I KNEW that I recognized those Rustichella bags! I will pick up one at WF. Thanks again!!

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                  Erica- enjoy! yes tinos not inexpensive, but many of the great shops on arthur ave, are not expensive, but their products are often fab-

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                    erica, if/when you go to arthur ave, you may already know the following, but thought I would give you this info , try these places
                    -casa de mozzarella-obvious
                    -borghatti-pasta and raviola
                    -carmel wines-obvious
                    -tinos deli
                    -indoor market- mikes deli, also next to mikes deli is a big veg stand, dont miss a box of shitake mushrroms
                    -teitel & sons- general foods
                    -maddonia bakery

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                      Thanks very much. I have been to some of those but will welcome any excuse to return to the area. I am always a little confused about the bakeries--I loved the whole grain bread (I know, strgnge choice) at Terranova last time. But are certain bakeries known for certain things? Is there one particular "#1" biscotti maker, for example?

                      On the pasta front, I received an e-mailfrom Gustiamo saying that Martelli is not in any MAnhattan retail shops but is available (for $8 per 500gr bag; PLUS shipping) on their website.

                      But isn't Gustiamo in the Bronx open one day a week for retail sales?

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                        For traditional biscotti--not necessarily the hard; almond/nut version from Tuscany--deLillo is best, on E 187 St' yry the sesame coated regina biscuits. Terranova is perhaps the best traditional bakery for pane di casa. Madonia's semolina bread is just fine.

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                          Bob that is very interesting. I am not sure that I know the difference between the Tuscan (cantucci??) and the traditional biscotti! I will have to begin a mass sampling! Terrnova just swept me away with the multi-grain bread, even though that is not what would come to mind in an Italian bakery. I hope to return to the area soon.

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                            It's a little complicated since biscotti can refer to a specifically Tuscan version (cantucci) or a generic "cookie", which, in traditional Italian-American pasticcerie can mean anything from an anisette toast to any number of nut and fruit cookies. This traditional offerings are largely Sicilian and Neapolitan in origin (regina cookies are classically Sicilian), and there are hard, nut cookies like quadresimali and mostaccioli offered on holidays. In any event, DeLillo does have a candied fruit and nut biscotto that is delicious--not dunking hard, but terrific nonetheless. There are otjhers, like vanila-sented twists, and other simple biscuits made for an afternoon with a double espresso. I find the domestic super large "biscotti" sold in "gourmet" packaging mostly awful. The more complicated layered cookies, usually seen gracing a wedding tray, are not among my favorites, except the classic 7 layer. You can select and sample a plate with a proper espresso at DeLillo.

            2. Here is the result of my quest:

              I communicated with a very helpful person at the importer, Gustiamo. Their warehouse in the Bronx is open by appointment and they do have the Martelli pasta for sale there. I plan to pay a visit soon.

              To tide me over before I head to the Bronx, I found both the spaghetti and the penne ($8.50 and $8.00 per 500 gram bag, respectively) at Marlow & Daughters in Williamsburg.

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                I'm not sure if they still do, but at one point they sold Martelli's at Dean and Deluca.

                My father legitimately will not cook with anything but Martelli's because he thinks its so vastly superior, and I know he orders it from amazon.

                1. re: mcm1900

                  Interesting! At least I am not the only lunatic willing to pay those prices! I had only the spaghetti, but I did buy a few bags of penne at Marlow and Daughters..hope it is as good as the long pasta.

                  1. re: mcm1900

                    At one point yes, but at the same time Williams-Sonoma stopped carrying so did D&D, perhaps distribution chain has changed. Martelli all l use, and spaghetti is the only one. Spaghettini is thin enough to not show the wonderful chew as well as the spaghetti.

                2. It is sold at Food Emporium at 68th and Bway for $7.99 for 500g/1.1lbs.

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                    NewYorker: Just to double check--do you mean that the FOOD EMPORIUM at that location carries the Martelli pasta?

                    I did try the Rustichella d'Abruzzo and did not think it was close on the quality scale.

                    1. re: erica

                      interesting, i enjoy both brands, erica your thoghts on taste comapratives please-thx

                      1. re: intrepid

                        But remember that I am not really comparing like to like. I was wowed by the Martelli spaghetti and I made the penne from Rustichella. The Martelli product was just so tasty and perfectly textured that several people at the table remarked that they could eat it alone with no sauce. The rustichella penne just tasted like ordinary Barilla pasta to me. It lacked the complex flavor and the perfect chew that I had achieved with the Martelli. But really this is not such a good test as I only made one dish each with these products. I would love to hear others' coments if they cook with either of these products.

                        The proof here, for me, is that I would not hesitate to buy the Martelli again, but I thought that the $5-plus for the Rustichella (at Whole Foods) was a waste of money.

                        1. re: erica

                          UPDATE: It has been right under my nose the entire time. I realize that no one else may care about this minor discovery, but I actually found both the Matelli penne and spaghetti today ($7.49 each) at Todaro Bros on Second Avenue in KIps Bay (near NYU Hospital) .

                          This is a very good source for Italian (and other imported) products and one that I often
                          overlook. They have a nice cheese selection and also sell fresh meats, canned tunas (Flott, As do Mar, etc), prepared items, pastries and breads, olive oils, etc etc.


                          1. re: erica

                            Cooked with both, sold both. Rustichella has more exotic shapes and prettier package, but l recommended Martelli spaghetti all the time and was the only long dried pasta l ahve used for many, many years. If Gustiamo is the only distributor to carry it, get ready, prices are going up! She has great stuff, but very expensive.

                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                              You can also buy directly from their (Gustiamo) warehouse in the Bronx.

                              I have no idea if there is a price break if one does this.

                              1. re: erica

                                Mention of the excellent Martelli pasta in WSJournal:


                                I do not buy this often due to the price, but each time I do buy, and serve, it gets rave reviews. A truly excellent product.

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                                  Really ? A difference of 20-30 bucks a year on pasta would stop you from enjoying your favorite.
                                  Here is another option, try La Fabbrica della Pasta in a clear seethrough package with a tan top label. Their bucatini/perciatelle, that is what is on the label, rivals the chew in the Martelli spaghetti. Yes l know this pasta has a hole in the middle but you will love it. Should be able to get for @ 6-7/lb.

                                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                    I make pasta once a week or so so the $5 price difference per bag is a lot more than $20 or $30, but I do get your point.

                                    I often use fresh pasta from Borgatti and lately for dried, I have been buying Giuseppe Cocco, sold in the Bronx for bout $3.50 or so, and at Ideal Cheese in Manhattan, who prices it at about $4.50 or so.

                                    Besides the price issue, Martelli is available only in three shapes, or at least that is all I've seen in the US--spaghetti and the fairly similar maccheroni and penne.
                                    I might use more often if there were other shapes, but the price still rankles.

                                    Will certainly be on the lookout for your recommendation. I use bucatini quite often so that will work.

                                    Thank you.