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Jul 17, 2009 04:31 PM

Alloy in Calgary

I am intrigued by Alloy and would love to go there but I have heard some mixed reviews and am not sure what to believe! What does everyone really think about Alloy?


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  1. I have been to Alloy 3 times and all three have been great! I have not been for about 3 months. It is one of our go to spots and I think we will try and get in next weekend.

    1. It was better than average (over a year ago). If you've never been you should go. I ALWAYS try places (especially new places) for myself and don't rely on others' opinions. But since you asked, my experience there was good food, nice ambience, a little pricey for what you get but they had free olives and hummous which was a really nice touch. Not good enough to go back regularly, but good enough to recommend for a new experience.

      1. I have been to Alloy about 3 times and really enjoyed it. It is a little pricey to make it there more often, but for a nice night out with a really different kind of experience and ambiance than you often get in Calgary I recommend it.

        1. I agree with all above. Alloy is beautiful California bungalow inside . It also has one of the most beautiful patios in Calgary - so get out to Alloy soon while you can enjoy the patio.

          The food is very nice also. I agree that perhaps the food doesn't have quite the same panache as perhaps Rush or Chef's Table BUT then again - how many places are? To me, Alloy is on par with some of my favourites like Centini and Redwater Grille. Places with very well prepared, contemporary food and fabulous decor.

          Also, if you are a bit hesitant, try Alloy for lunch. This is a fabulous place to take clients. Further, there isn't much in this caliber outside the core for lunch - so in that respect you can't lose. The fish and chips (a very elegant version) is great and the braised ribs are really unique - excellent.

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            Thanks guys,

            Yea I was just curious about value for your dollar. I heard it was pricey and was wondering whether it was worth it.

            I think I am going to give a go though, and come up with my own review :P

            Any menu suggestions?

            1. re: Foodie149

              i love the lamb trio, i recently had the halibut and it was delicious, the greek salad w/calamari is lovely and fresh, i've also had the pork tenderloin - they usually have a good special as well, we didn't have it last time we were there but it sounded delicious, wild salmon....

              love alloy, always have a good experience and everyone leaves happy.

              1. re: pants

                Anything braised - I love the lamb trio too and the ribs.

              2. re: Foodie149

                Alloy is very good, tied with The Ranche in my opinion as the best restaurant in the south of Calgary. The garden patio is charming. There are better places in town: Rush, River Cafe, Capo, Chef's Table, Rouge, and I would now add Petite. But if you're in the south of Calgary I would strongly recommend Alloy.

                Menu recs: the lobster tempura or blue cheese souffle or soft shell crab for appetizer; the surf and turf, lamb trio or short rib for main.

                1. re: alley

                  I have not been to Rush yet but I love Capo. What is Petite like? I heard it just opend recently.

                  Thanks for the recommendations on the menu :)

                  1. re: alley

                    We had an excellent dinner at Alloy a few nights ago.
                    Appetizers consumed were the soft shell crab, the blue cheese soufle, salmon cakes, and the greek salad with calamari ( it was a deconstructed version). Mains were the Surf and Turf ( tournedo and lobster ravioli), a chicken dish , and two duck breasts with sweet potato gnocci. The consensus was that all was well executed and commensurate with the price point.
                    Service was erratic, in an enjoyable patio with music volumes that kept changing with the selections, and becoming annoying at times.
                    The wine list could be better organized, not many red wine choices in the under $75 range

              3. I'm a big fan of Alloy, but you won't catch me dining there on a regular basis due to the price range. That being said, you may very well catch me sitting at the bar quite often, as a good friend of mine is the bartender there.

                The one time I ate a full meal there, I really, really enjoyed it. I had the Greek Village Salad/Tempura Calamari as an appetizer, which was deelish, and very uniquely presented (the greek salad portion came on a very narrow dish, which kind of allowed you to taste the different features of the salad on their own). For my main, I had the Surf & Turf, which was to DIE for. The Lobster Ravioli was amazing. The creme brulee was a great dessert as well :)

                If any of you go there, and you're a Martini drinker, ask if JP is bartending. If he is, get him to make you up one of his Caramel Pear martinis They're quite good. If he asks how the heck you knew his name, just tell him Fraser recommended it on Chowhound :)