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Jul 17, 2009 03:57 PM

Sarge's Report

On the recommendation of numerous threads on this board i tried sarge's for lunch today because i was in the area and can't get good deli food in Minneapolis. I like Katz's a lot, though i'd say Langer's in LA is better (though probably only anonymously online for fear of being denounced as a heretic) as a measure of my pastrami tastes.

in a word, yes. Sarge's was great, we had sassy but reasonably attentive service befitting the somewhat rundown diner atmosphere (when i walked in at 1 there was a sysco delivery coming in that was being inventoried and signed for right on the sidewalk in the middle of a busy afternoon -too funny). Huge signage out front indicated it was "back under original management" which was signed by someone with the last name of katz (is there a relationship to Katz's?).

I ordered the very well priced lunch combo of a cup of matzoh ball soup (fantastic!) and half a pastrami which while it was thin sliced and not by hand had all the great flavor and delicious fattiness i crave - esp since i ordered it fatty as advised in various threads.

The matzoh brie was quite good and suprisingly seasoned rather strongly with salt, which wasnt what i expected but was still great (im used to eating mine with jam or cinamon sugar so the salt and pepper took me by surprise).

we got a side of fried kreplach which were greasy and delicious - jewish meaty samosas served up with a mountain of very well browned onions.

the slaw and pickles that came out were good and not only because we were starving, the seasoning on the slaw was light but balanced and really very tasty.

all in all id go back in an instant, the prices were good, seating plentiful and food was very very good. the 24 hr delivery would be hugely enticing if i lived in the city as well.

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  1. Yes Sarge's does indeed make a very mean pastrami. I haven't been since the "back under original management" sign, glad to hear there hasn't been a downward change in pastrami quality. Not sure if the Katz's reference in original management is affiliated with the LES Katz's or not, would be interested to know if so.

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Sarge's. Sarge's is one of the things I miss most having moved to the UES (Sarge's does deliver). I love their pastrami! Glad to hear about the matzoh brei (I've only had the salt and pepper kind).

      1. Sarge's does indeed serve good deli. Good matzoh ball soup too. Definitely the best deli on the east side. Now, if they only sold the Specials and Salamis like Katz's does.