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Jul 17, 2009 03:42 PM

Jump Cafe?

Hi All...

I'm being treated to a dinner at Jump tomorrow night. Any reccomendations on what to order? Any "can't miss" items there?

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  1. I don't know about the "can't miss" but I would miss the mushroom soup appetizer. Pretty blah.

    1. Hey, I will be there tonight too.... If you didn't know already, Summerlicious is on at Jump.

      This is the dinner menu (of course you can always order a la carte too but the menu looks pretty good...) (your choice of one of each app, entre, dessert)

      Chilled Cucumber Gazpacho
      matane shrimp, cilantro and jalapeño ceviche
      Ontario Asparagus, Belgian & Tomato Salad
      crispy double smoked bacon and Warkworth 7 year old cheddar cheese dressing
      Oven Roasted Parmesan Crusted Oyster Mushrooms
      summer greens, tomato and chickpea salad with vincotto vinaigrette
      Summer Watermelon & Goat’s Milk Feta Salad
      basil, mint, rocket and vincotto vinaigrette

      Grilled Lamb Sirloin
      lemon and oregano smashed roasted potatoes, garlic braised escarole and mint salsa verde
      Plantain Crusted Cherry Snapper
      sweet corn and summer bean succotash, watercress, cilantro vinaigrette and smoked chili tartar sauce
      Jerk Spiced Grilled Chicken Breast
      creamy hominy corn grits, cojita cheese, red cabbage and jicama slaw and love apple barbecue sauce
      Thai Beef “Yum Nuea” Salad
      green mango, pineapple and Napa salad, sweet chili glaze, crispy noodle and chili- lime coconut milk dressing
      Truffle and Porcini Ravioli
      forest mushrooms, roasted garlic, white wine and summer chervil

      Dark Chocolate Torte
      black cherry vincotto and sweet cream
      Vanilla Panna Cotta
      strawberry and Bonacini Farms Rhubarb Compote
      Filippo’s Tiramisu
      mascarpone mousse, drunken lady fingers and coffee

      I have had good experience with the lamb and the chocolate torte at Canoe before (or their variations on it) so I imagine at another O & B restaurant those will both be good. Not sure what I will order yet though since there are so many good choices!

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        Thanks ylsf! I hadn't even thought to check out their Summerlicious menu. Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight :)