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Jul 17, 2009 03:41 PM

Cognac tasting in Toronto

Is there a place in Toronto which has a wide variety of good cognacs on the menu at a reasonable price? Preferably VSOP and up cognacs that are also available at the LCBO. I'm not so concerned about the environment because I'm interested in doing a taste comparison. Unfortunately buying each bottle for a taste test is way too expensive for me.

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  1. With what you'd pay in restaurants per glass at that level, you could buy a bottle. Your best bet might be to check out the various lcbo's that have tasting corners. Generally 100 different products at each, more than likely a few cognacs at a cost fractional to the cost of the bottle without markup. The website lets you search by this feature.

    1. the best value VS Cognac is Henri Mounier, about $39 on the general list at the LCBO, pretty much even with Hennessy for $20 bucks less!