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Jul 17, 2009 03:34 PM

Farmers' Markets in Vancouver

Hello friends! Anyone know any good famers' markets in Vancouver? I have heard that there is one in the West End, near Nelson Park, on Saturday mornings but keep forgetting to go. I'm willing to go anywhere in Vancouver for some good produce, eggs, etc! Can anyone make a suggestion?

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Sam has given you everything you need.

      I visit the Trout Lake and the Main & Terminal markets regularly.

    2. I am a Trout Lake addict - great vibe, lots of selection and with this summer being absolutely blindingly sunny, tons of amazing fruit produce. Best to get there super early (it's at Victoria Drive and E. 15th/16th somewhere) and just about a 10-min walk from Broadway Skytrain. I also pick up amazing albacore tuna and salmon from the Iron Maiden vendor (she's awesome), and I highly recommend you get a buckwheat crepe from the vendors (whose name I forget) at the back end of the market, right near the Community Centre. There's always a queue, but for good reason. The crepes are filled with all sorts of yumminess. Get there super early - the vendors sell out quite quickly. I'm always there right at 9am.

      I also passed by the newly moved Wed market out front of the Main Train/Bus depot. It seemed pretty extensive but I have yet to check it out. I think it's 3-7pm.

      Here's a video I did about Trout Lake on YouTube - it was my first time using my FlipCam so it's really shaky but should give you an idea!

      1. If Maple Ridge is not to far for you I'd have to push you in that direction for a great Farmer' Market. We're so close to all the farms out here that you get to meet the growers that can't make the drive into the Van city. Here's the URL to their site for more information:

        I've been getting local berries, garlic scapes, kolrabi, golden beets, baby greens, brown eggs, nice breads and the best scones I've had in ages. There's always live music and kids painting flowers and rainbows with sidewalk chalk.

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        1. re: coliwoggle

          Thanks for all the great info, everyone! I will definitely do a market tour over the next few weeks to check them all out.