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Is Richardson's/Rokerij jinxed? (Phx)

Just heard that the fire dept was called to Richardson's. Didn't we just go through this at their sister restaurant a year ago? I am hoping for the best...as we had plans this weekend!

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  1. I think you're going to need new plans if they included dining at Richardson's. Looks horrible.
    If memory serves the Rokerij fire was arson - I hope this isn't the case now!

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    1. I just heard they have declared Richardson's a complete loss and are just trying to save the surrounding businesses.

      A/C units overheating appears to be the cause due to being recently covered with roofing foam.

      What bad luck!

      1. NO!!!!

        Sidenote: Mr. Mamamia spoike to Richardson a few weeks ago. He happens to own all of the Dairy Queen/Rokerij land. When DQ's lease is up he's killing it with plans to do something very cool on that corner.


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          I just noticed the DQ is closed and the construction of the new Richardsons is on.

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            yeah they broke ground a couple of weeks ago, staff says there may be a patio area between the two buildings ..

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            Hope they were able to control the fire and it didn't spread to the rest of the complex. Luci's is less than six months old not to mention our favorite hardware store in the valley.

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              I noticed Luci's had re-opened, to a limited degree, last weekend. I'm not sure if they're up to full speed, yet. Maybe I'll try breakfast, this weekend.


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                Coffee bar/breakfast was open; market was still closed last weekend.

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                The hardware store is open - They had a sidewalk sign out. Luci's is to have a re-opening next week. Maybe Richardson's will re-open soon.

            2. Oh God! Horrible. After living down the street for almost 10 years, my first stop in Phoenix is always Richardson's or Dick's. I dream about the best carne adovado in the world.

              I know Dick reads the boards regularly and I hope he'll check here eventually! The original will be missed, but I'll follow you anywhere!!!

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                I am saddened beyond belief not just for Richardson's, but everyone in that stripmall. All independent, non chain local stores.... I know a lot of staff at Richardson's & True Value and I suspect this will be hardest on them in this tough economy.

                1. re: hzp

                  This ended up being a three alarm fire that not only included Phoenix trucks but also equipment from as far away as Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler. Richardsons is a total loss and other businesses in the strip mall suffered fire and smoke damage. Not sure how extensive that was but it always seems to actually be worse than it looks.

              2. WOW! Guess that I have been watching the national news to get info on the healthcare issues, but I missed this one completely. Danged!

                While not my PHX-fave, we have enjoyed ourselves (more often at Dick's) many times.

                Thanks for the H/U. Well, there goes the neighborhood.


                1. We have wonderful memories of Richardson's from our years in Phoenix. We are very sad for the owners and employees and wish them better days ahead.

                  1. This is sad news. I just ate at Dick's last night around 10:30. Last supper as it turns out.

                    Although someone tonight read something that said they would be able to salvage Dick's. Not sure of the validity or how they intend to do that if the whole plaza burned. I didn't notice Dick's mentioned specifically in the article you posted but one would have to assume that if Richardson's was a total loss then it, more than likely, includes Dick's as well. Shame.

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                    1. re: azbirdiemaker

                      Dick's did not burn. Only Richardson's. There will be a lot of smoke damage. They just remodeled that strip mall exterior, finishing in April. It looked great!!

                      Will miss Richardson's but we hung out at Dick's more often.

                      I live nearby and didn't realize where all the fire trucks and hovering copters were hanging.

                      Very sad! Hope they stay in the hood! There's a huge empty property just to the South!

                    2. Here's to hoping they can move some operations to other parts of town until they can rebuild. I'd be happy to frequent, even if the places aren't permanent.

                      1. Re-posting. Just drove by. It's caution taped off and there's a truck backed up to Luci's roll up door.

                        They were framing a wall in the parking lot. So "somebody's" working on it. Maybe Richardson's will reopen!

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                        1. re: JerryMe

                          The temp wall was actually for the exterior and the exterior facade does indeed look totally destroyed. I'll let you know what else I discover in the coming weeks. It's in the hood.

                        2. I just had breakfast at Dick's. The place looks perfectly normal to me. Ch. 15 was there. I guess they re-opened at 8:00am this morning, and should resume normal hours, tomorrow.

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                              excuse my ignorance, here, but can someone explain to me the difference b/w Dick's and Richardson's? I've never been to Dick's, and Richardson's menu is down, but from what I recall, they seem to have pretty similar menus.

                              1. re: crsin

                                Dick's Hideaway is the open-secret sister restaurant to Richardson's. It's around the corner of the strip mall from Richardson's. Both Richardson's and Dick's share the same kitchen; basically, Richardson's/Dick's wraps around Luci's. As far as I know, since Richardson's and Dick's shared the same kitchen, they also share the same menu.

                                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                                  Okay, thanks, that's what I was wondering. It basically seemed to me like one was almost an expansion of the other, but given it's own name.

                            2. re: johnseberg

                              Fabulous news! I was so sad to hear about Richardsons, but delighted to know I won't have to wait months or years to get my favorite brunch. Thanks for the info.

                            3. Richardson Browne will be back. Anyone familiar with his Rokerij's up-from-the-ashes story knows that. And look for Richardson's redux to become a Gastronomic Godfather II: one of those rare instances of the sequal surpassing the original.
                              Rest assured, folks, nothing inspires Browne as much as adversity. This will light another fire under him, creatively speaking.