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Jul 17, 2009 02:35 PM

Anything new and noteworthy in Provincetown and Wellfleet?

I go every summer so I'm familiar with the regular spots. Just wondering about openings and closings, changes of management, anything to look out for. Also, I'm staying in the West End of P-town this year, after staying in the East End for years, so anything noteworthy in the West End would be of interest, as I'm less familiar with that part of town. What's that diner on Bradford Street, kind of West-End ish but not far from the center of town? thanks.

Also: bonus question: who has the best ice cream in P-town or outer cape more generally?

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  1. We just returned from Wellfleet and from what we were told, Pearls restaurant (Mayo Beach) is either new, or under new management. We went for lunch and it was very good. We ordered fish & chips and the batter was amazing (very light and crunchy, almost tempura but not exactly) and also had a local fish wrap which was tasty. Only downfall was the price (too expensive). Also, I ordered an ice tea and it was $3.00, and refills cost extra...that is a shame! The outdoor deck upstairs looks nice, as does the outdoor bar on the right side of the restaurant. Cheers!

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      Thanks for the report. Sounds like it could be worth a splurge.

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        I've eaten at the Pearl several times this year and don't find it any pricier than comparable eateries on the Cape. The fish and chips that you had costs $17.00, if I remember correctly..............which is not out of line for the area.
        Also, the Pearl is new in that it replaced the former "Captain Higgins" restaurant at that spot and the management is new as well.

      2. I think that diner is Victor's. Just found out that Noreen is cooking there so we will definitely head over there for breakfast. Gotta have a Portuguese scrambler.

        1. This may be too late for your stay. I don't know how new it is, but noteworthy for sure! We had an amazing meal at Front Street (230 Commercial St., P-town). My wife and I dine out often and are not easily blown away, but this place did it!

          The service was perfect, the atmosphere was warm, comfortable and cozy, but the food was the star! I highly recommend it.

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            Thanks for your suggestions. We had some excellent Wellfleet oysters at Pearl in Wellfleet, and bought some fantastic fresh seafood (to cook at our apartment rental) at Hatch's in Wellfleet and at Townsend's in P-town. Townsend is where Clem & Ursie's used to be. The set-up is similar---they sell fresh fish as well as having in-house seating and a bar.

            Not a new place, but we went to Cafe Heaven for breakfast and it blew me away. Some of the best eggs benedict (on homemade english muffin, with a mustard-hollandaise) and best pancakes (banana cornmeal with fresh berries on top) I've ever had. Of course it was pricy, but totally worth it.

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              Two more notes: the diner I was thinking of was Tips for Tops'N', which I still didn't get to try. We found some very good ice cream at Lewis Brothers (homemade, on site), right smack in the center of town. I had a cone with one scoop rum raisin and the other chocolate, and it was damn near perfect in my book.

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                Glad to hear that. Just back from Wellfleet, sun for the first time in God knows how long on Saturday left us all fried and out late Sat night - Pearls was jammed, couldn't get in but smelled terrific. And was it me or are the oysters particular good this year?

            2. Dining in Provincetown is usually pretty disappointing - expensive, of variable quality, and variable service. For example, we went to Crowne Pointe Bistro earlier this season, and while the prices weren't too bad for "fine dining", seared scallops were overcooked and mussels were a little old (though nicely covered by the meuniere sauce, if lathered in them). The pre-meal bread was no better than spongy dinner rolls warmed in a toaster oven. The best thing about the Mews (usually cited as the best dining in Provincetown) is the service - reliable, friendly, humorous, attentive; the food is OK, though definitely good for Provincetown. I find the Lobster Pot to be no better than any other; the restaurant front is worth a photo, though not at all reflective of the inside. Napi's - dingy surreal nightmare dining that I can't dis-recommend more.

              The places I tend to enjoy more are the breakfast joints. For example, Victor's (on Bradford St near Gale Force Bikes) has a very serviceable french toast - a little heavy on the streusel topping, but otherwise light and fluffy and not too sweet - and lovely service in the a.m. Cafe Heaven is also commendable for the flavor and portions (not huge, so that finishing an entire plate doesn't make you feel like a saggy tourist), though the french toast would be helped by a lighter batter.

              Relish in the West end has decent sandwiches on freshbaked bread - worth a visit.

              Provincetown ice cream IS Lewis Brothers - they are no joke.

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                We had some pastries for breakfast from Relish and they were mixed--the croissants (made by Hyannis bakery Pain D'Avignon) were excellent, but the scone (provenance unknown, but I was assured it was "hand made" and I assume it was made on site at Relish) was not quite up to par---somewhat cardboardy. The lemon-blueberry poundcake looked fabulous, and I really wanted to try their sandwiches but never got around to it. There's only so much eating you can pack in to 4 days. Next time I will definitely try Victor's. Funny your comment about the french toast at Cafe Heaven--I didn't try it myself, but I saw it go by on a plate and it had that tell-tale edge of fried egg that says to me that they put too much egg in the batter. I *hate* that!