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Jul 17, 2009 01:59 PM

Yankee Lobster

What's the story on this place. I know its funky, but what I really need to know is How is the food???

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  1. I love the food .... clam chowder is thick and yummy -- lots of clams. The lobster rolls are sweet and tasty -- not too much mayo ... just great fresh meat. Good fish and chips .... good fried clams .... my husband loves the lobster bisque. All made to order so if it is busy you will wait but so worth it -- cheap eats especially for that area. They have seats outside and their own free parking on the side of the buidling --what more do we need. Try it

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      I agree, bisque,chowder, quahog, steamers, 2 lb lobster, fried clams all made for a wonderful birthday celebration the other day. If only they had a water view, can't wait to go back