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Jul 17, 2009 01:49 PM

best brand of canned chickpeas for making hummus

I'd like to start making my own hummus from pureed chickpeas. Any experience out there with best or worst brands for this purpose?

Or, if you've made hummus from a mix that you liked, I'm open to suggestions!


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  1. I don't think it makes much difference if your going to puree it, Quality add in's make it. I go with good olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, fresh garlic and jarred sun dried tomatos(I like the one's from costco). I don't think tahini is necessary, ok but not necessary.

    1. I make hummus once a week . I have used the cheaper brands on special 2 no frills .59 cents , but i definatelly have found that the more expensive brands such as Unico or Cedar at $ 1.29 makes a huge difference in the texture an d the taste. I will not use the cheaper brands ever again. .
      The other ingredients are just as important. Use fresh lemons , not juice or citric salt . I use a good olive oil and I make my own Tehina . A touch of Zatar or cinamon gives it a nice flavour as well as a good few drops of Tabasco. If you like a smoother texture like most of the restaurants in Thornhill area, you can add in mayonnaise , but i don't like it. I prefer a more granular texture

      1. I'm a fan of S&W garbanzos. When I see them on sale, I stock up. They are way better than the no-name cans, and seem to have more beans per can.

        1. Just about any brand of chickpeas will work fine if you rinse well and take five minutes to slip off the skins. It's tedious, but removing the skins makes the texture of the end product creamier. I use Goya or Progresso chickpeas, whatever is on hand. I can't recommend any mixes for hummus, but if it's got to be ready-made Sabra is pretty good.

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            Good to know that most brands will work out well. Thanks everyone!

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              You can buy already skinned and mashed chick peas in cans. It's how my Lebanese-Armenian friend showed me how to make hummus. It comes in cans labelled Hummus Tahina, but it contains so little sesame paste and citric acid that you should treat it like plain chick peas. It's easy to find in any Middle-Eastern shop, in most gourmet shops or even in the "ethnic" sections of grocery stores. And it's a much better deal than buying whole canned chick peas because you're not paying for water.

          2. Why not cook your own chickpeas? They are super cheap & really don't take that much time. I do mine in a pressure cooker & it's a piece of cake.

            BTW, they are awesome as a side dish, sauteed with some onion, garlic & olive oil.