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Ok....was watching a Throwdown last night and the meal was fish tacos.
Now's your chance to advise where the best ones are. If you know the type of fish used in, please indicate what it is.

Let the games begin!!

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  1. I like the ones from Blue Mesa, but I can't remember what type of fish they used.

    1. While I haven't had them in some time, my wife swears by the fish tacos at Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill on the corner of Preston/Spring Creek in Plano.

      1. I personally think the number one fish taco in town is at flying fish. You can get them in several different "fish flavors" Catfish, Talapia, Grouper sometimes Red Snapper.

        Seabreeze also does a very good fish taco also with different kinds of fish as you specify.

          1. Fuzzy's Taco shop. They have several locations throughout dfw

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              Fuzzy's Taco shop...very casual place with excellent fish tacos

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                agreed! fuzzy's has great fish tacos. they offer tempura fried or grilled, but don't specify the type of fish. it's very generic white fish, probably mahi, but very tasty!

              2. ok...decided on a place near the house Habanero's in NE FW. Casual with a bar. All I can say is fantastic!! Nice a crunchy tilapia. They said they were opening a location on Cooper in Arlington soon. Don't know why I've never tried them before! But take it with a grain of salt since I've never had them before.

                1. Since you're in FW, you may want to give Paco and John a try - Southside, Rosedale @ 8th. I went for a late breakfast a couple of Sats ago and having read a number of very good reviews/blogs (gooogled them) about the fish (snapper) tacos, I tried one (1.25). I didn't find it to have any particular flavor, but perhaps my tastebuds were fried after eating some spicy sauces/salsas on the eggs - which I would definitely recommend. I can't believe that so many people would rave about something so seemingly bland, so I'll definitely be giving them another try at some point.


                  1. Are you wanting Baja style that are fried or just grilled fish?

                    If wanting the latter I would suggest Panaderia El Progresso on N Main and Long in Fort Worth. If wanting Baja style try out Seabreeze as irod mentioned above.

                    1. had some fish yacos last week at LA PALAPA VERACRUZANA in oak cliff.

                      and here is a pic i took:


                      note the habanero sauce in the little plastic cup there is by far thee hot-est, spicy-est thing i have ever been served....loved it!!!

                      1. Cafe San Migeul. Trust me.

                        1. I am a fan of Rex's seafood market. I can't remeber what kind of fish but very good, but I think they only serve food during lunch. They have lobster rolls on Friday. OOOH now I know where I'm having lunch.

                          Calle Doce are allright. At least they have some variety. I think they have 2 or 3 different options.

                          I am sure I can come up with some others. I am a fan of the fish taco. :)

                          1. Fish Shack on 15th in Plano has a decent Talapia fish Taco. Friday is fish taco day for $4.95 as I remember. We are going today so I will update the price later.