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Jul 17, 2009 11:50 AM

Bozeman Wine Shops

Since entering my previous post on this subject I had planned on making a stop at Joe's Parkway Market based on everyone's excellent suggestions. It sounded like I could get everything I needed there in 1 stop. Since then I have been made aware of 2 more places for wine that sound like they have potential and am seeking opinions on either of these places. First is the CVS pharmacy of all places on 1525 W. Main. It is supposed to have a surprising selection and the best prices. The other is The Wine Gallery at 102 S. 19th Ave. This was described to me as the nicest shop with probably the best selection in town. In reading between the lines that probably also means $$$$. Since I do know wines well but am only looking for a couple bottles in the $10 - $15 range I thought I would ask, of all three of these which might be the best. Thanks again for your excellent help.

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  1. correctamundo on both counts. the CVS (still known to locals, like me, as Osco) is a good wine place. huge selection. and often less costly (and they discount for cases, etc, and special order.) the wine shop is what it is. i'd steer you away from that. you can pay 100/bottle at CVS if you choose, but it won't be necessary. they have a fairly healthy selection of non-American wines, as well.