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Jul 17, 2009 11:28 AM

Best upscale rest. with best food in MePa?

My husband and I are foodies in town in MePa for one night on a Monday--looking for best food and Italian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, anything really but French, please. something with pretty alfresco dining or pretty/unique decor--thank you! I was thinking Momofuku Ko, but really would rather just take a fun walk somewhere...

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  1. Sorry to be an idiot, but what is "MePa"?

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      1. re: MMRuth

        It took me a second to figure it out too. I didn't really know anyone called it that.

        1. re: pellegrino31

          neither did I. This is the first I am hearing of It :) What next HeKit :-)

      2. Well, I'm confused. Momofuku Ko is not remotely close to Meatpacking. And, I can't imagine you'll get a table if you don't have one already.

        I'm not very enthused about anything in MePa proper, but Scarpetta, on the north side of 14th St (I suppose some, even the restaurant itself, might say it is even in Meatpacking), is unquestionably fine dining in a nice dining room. The John Dory is also excellent. Del Posto, on 10th Ave, too, though I find it too pricey. All three of these are about as close to MePa as you can get without, at least I think, technically, being in it.

        5 9th is ok I guess.

        But Momofuku Ssam bar would be a great choice - I assume if you're ok with Ko, Ssam Bar's location is fine for you but... again: I'm confused.

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          I do like Zampa and Pastis, but I wouldn't say either are upscale, however.

        2. i think yr best bets are john dory for seafood or scarpetta for italian. my personal favorite in the area is barbuto.

          the standard grill seems to be popular and their menu looks rather delicious. id go there if i felt like dealing with scenesters...figured id wait until fall.