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Jul 17, 2009 10:56 AM

Graduation/pool party

Having a college graduation party at the house in August. Not sure what to have brought in by the caterers. Perhaps some of you have done such a thing and can tell me what the favs were... Going to be family, kids ,and of course more graduates....

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  1. I was just at an outdoor affair catered by Joe Leones....the food was fabulous check them out.

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      I've had food from Joe Leones too many times to's always very good! If I could make a comment, it's what some people consider a bit low brow, but Italian hoagies (like the 3' long ones) are huge hits at these kinds of parties. It's a bit like forbidden food. People love it, but are sometimes afraid to order it. If you serve it though, they will scarf it down, and love it. Of course, serve other things with it, but every graduation party I have been to, the 3' hoagie is the first thing to go!


      Looking for something different, show stopping and delicious in NJ!
      Give Nomad a call. We've enjoyed their catering truck several times and been WOW'd every time.

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        HillJ, i have fantasized many times about having nomad at one of our parties. if space and finances permit, this would be my first choice.

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          njchowgal, truly the way to go! With Nomad we have shared the cost with work pals and had the truck in our driveway with ease. It's a wonderful experience. But speaking as a CHOWhound, the pizza and party fixins are all top notch.