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Jul 17, 2009 10:53 AM

Stoughton Recommendations

Friends are moving nto Stoughton from Lowell. I visit them 5 or so times a year. I am looking for any and all recommendations for places to check out in the area. Are there any "must see" locations? My tastes are varied but I deffinitly have a soft spot for good deli's and my friends love Italian. But all recommendations for all meals of the day will be appreciated, and eventually checked out.


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  1. I think you'll get a better response On the Boston Board. In Randolph, there's Cafe Bella for italian as well as La Scala. La Scala has had mixed reviews but I've always liked it for old school Italian. There's not much in Stoughton. La Storia is in Stoughton and use to be very good. I haven't been for several years. You're close to Easton as well, and I know there have been a few threads for thAt area on the Boston Board, but I didn't pay much attention to them, because I'm not usually in that area. There's also a newer Greek place X+O in Stoughton that is suppose to be pretty good. Charlie's Deli in Sharon on S.Main St is my favorite Jewish deli. They get their corned beef, pastrami, etc from NY. It's the best...even better than any of the delis in Brookline. There's another deli at cobb's Corner on the Canton Stoughton line that gets a lot of fairly good reviews, but I found Charlie's to be much better.

    1. I'll second Charlie's Deli in Sharon, also check out International Food Gourmet at 57 Oak St Ext in Brockton. It's an Italian Deli right near the Stoughton line. Go to DND Coconut Grill at 756 Washington St in Stoughton for Bajan, and Fraga's Market 105 Porter St in Stoughton for Portuguese linguica, morcella, chourico, torresmos, fresh meats (including pig's feet, pork belly, ox tails and sometimes goat), baccala and a small selection of fresh fish. For pizza try Denneno's 545 Pearl St in Stoughton, Chuck & Cheese (not Chuck E Cheese) 423 Washington St, Stoughton or Old Country Pizzeria at 672 Washington St, Stoughton.

      1. Thanks, wasn't sure about posting on the Boston board but will give that a try. My friends husband works in Brookline and they wanted to find a place in Sharon but couldn't. Will check out Charlies on my next visit.