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Jul 17, 2009 10:32 AM

Ramblas - all new and improved!

Tried to go to Mission Street Food last night. Thats right... TRIED. Although my friends and i met up around six, after taking Bart, shopping for wine & etc etc - we weren't there until 7:30. and it was SWAMPED.
The hostess looked incredibly aggrevated at just the *sight* of a new party of 3 wanting to be on the wait list. She hurriedly took our name and said that maybe "8:30 or so".
By the looks of the place, we knew there was NO WAY they would be turning every single table on time in an hour.

Still kind of hopeful we thought we'd get a drink of Sangria at Ramblas and then maybe a quick snack.

Little did we know...
They've just changed their menu, which is really very seasonal and traditional Spanish.
Our waiter was a bit *wacky* - but then, who ISN'T on 16th & Valencia?

We ordered three small plates:
The first that came out was a Seafood Stew.
In a rustic cassarole dish, it had clams, mussels, tuna and octopus in a smokey tomato sauce.

The sauce was fantastic!
It really wasn't broth-ey at all, the sauce was really quite thick and they gave us a bit of grilled bread and we couldn't help wiping up every last drop of the sauce! it was so good!

Dish #2:
Fideo pasta with truffle oil, Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche, & fresh veggies.

my only complaint about this dish is that it had way too much stuff in it - a lot of the flavors got lost.

But it was fabulous! Fideo pasta is like short little hairs, and the way they cooked it got kind of burnt and toasty, which was great. there was crunchy, soft, creamy textures all mixed together.
I think of a bit more restraint had been applied to this dish, perhaps it could have been... fantastic!
Thats okay though, it was still highly enjoyable.

Dish #3

Summer Shelling Bean Ragout.

Shelling beans are one of my all-time favorite things ever so i order them anytime i see them. This dish was pretty good - if not also a victim of heavy-handed over-flavoring. Too many ingredients, yet again - but maybe thats okay sometimes. AT these prices, it is at least.

The dish was a rustic cassarole dish filled with shelling beans, fresh garbanzos, onions, eggplant, zucchini, corn, red bell pepper.... the list goes on.
But it tasted great - and it was really unexpected.

Congrats to Ramblas!
We're definitely going back - they really exceeded our expectations.
Will try Mission Street Food another day...

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  1. We saw the line/mass of humanity last night in front of Mission Street Food while walking to dinner at Good Evening Thursday at Bruno's. Glad to hear that Ramblas has changed for the better!

    1. adding a link:

      Ramblas Tapas
      557 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. Um... Nope.

        Went there for a recent dinner. Ordered 6 tapas between two of us, plus 2 glasses of wine.

        Service: Bad. Our first tapas order arrived with 10mins of ordering. The next one, however, took another 30+ minutes. Complained twice, the hostes said "let me check". I saw her walk towards the kitchen and then saw here turn right back and back to her desk at the front!
        The server would come and just plop our orders on the table, without a word.

        Food: Mediocre. We had the padron peppers, "gazpacho" (pretty non traditional), empanadillas, ham bocadillos, grilled chicken and gambas ajillo. Only the empanadillas were above average. Everything else had all sorts of problems.

        Not going back.

        Would rather go to Bar Tartine, or even Frjtz.