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Jul 17, 2009 10:21 AM

Deal at Daniel?


I recently read that Daniel is having an "early bird special"- 3 course pre-fixe with wine pairings is $98 (versus $105 with no wine pairings). The catch is you have to dine before 6:30 p.m. My husband were thinking of taking advantage of this deal for his birthday in two weeks. But before we go, has anyone taken part? I'm worried that it won't really be such a "deal" and the portions of food and wine will be quite small. Does anyone have any feedback from a recent experience? If so, your input is much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I went. It's a selection of plates from the regular menu. If you were going to order those plates anyway, it's a great deal. The wine pours are quite small but still, it's cheaper AND wine's included. Check both the menus.

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      Thanks for your feedback, Jane. Do you remember what dishes were on the early bird menu? I don't see it listed on their website. Thanks.

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        Rats. I can't remember the appetizers, and I think they've changed on the website (we went in wintertime). However, it looks like they still have some of the same entrees, and and we had the lamb and the duo of beef for that. They don't seem to have very many options, period, so your choices might be even more limited. The lamb was great though. The desserts are amazing!