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Jul 17, 2009 10:08 AM

Can I survive at Centrico?

Going there tonight for a friend's going-away party. Have never, ever been interested in going. See very little from CH'ers on the subject. Anybody have any menu recs to steer me in the right direction? Please.

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  1. I had margaritas and guacamole there once and remember finding both surprisingly good.

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    1. my partner and I ate their once - he is from CA and loves mexican - it was not horrible - but nothing to make us go back. I do remember we asked for more chips and they charged us - it was really stupid of them, because that's what I remember - not our cocktails or our entrees - so the entrees and cocktails must have been - well not memorable.

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      1. went there for RW a while back. Menudo was great (thought I will admit i've only had it once prior) and the short ribs were appropriately fork tender and succulent (though it's hard to mess up braised short ribs). Chips and guac were great as well (though again, hard to mess up).

        Overall, I enjoyed the experience, even though the food is 'safe' and not overly fussy.

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          I don't see Menudo on the menu. Was it a special?

          211 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013