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Jul 17, 2009 09:51 AM

Jonesing for Weiner Factory (RIP) turkey dogs

Hi all,

Does anyone know how I can contact the owner? His turkey dogs were the best, and I've heard he had a private label recipe. Friends are willing to pay him...not for the recipe, but for the dogs themselves.

Any help is much appreciated.


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  1. Shelly, Your best bet is to contact Fabs Hot Dogs on Tampa Blvd and see if maybe he has the turkey dogs you are looking for.

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      Over lunch the other day I was chating with Joe at Fabs about hot dog places around town. He said that the owners of WF are looking for a new location but that they can't find one that is up to their high standards. Joe expects a reopening but he wouldn't guess as to when. And Fabs is on Tampa in Reseda.

      1. re: TomSwift

        I corrected my post and stand happliy corrected I might add.

        I wonder what will be of Fab's if WF does resurface? Fab's has the same dogs but prepared much differently such at the Ripper. Interesting!! My hopes are once again high. And what happened to the old WF property if it didn't become Pinkberry? The last I heard a leased sign went up but beyond that I have no clue. I am not in that area ny longer. I hope the owner paid heavily for kicking out WF.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          I drive by it daily. The leased sign is still up but there has been no construction or other activity. I thought I read in an earlier post that the property is owned by the Valley Beverage Co., which is next door to the east.

    2. I'd pay for them also, as a fellow JWFTD (jonesing Weiner Factory turkey dog lover. They were not only the best, but very unique for turkey dogs in that they actually TASTED like something. Nice spicy kick to them! Miss them sorely. Nothing compares, period.

      A former boss of mine used to order a case every year and had them shipped to his condo in Maui, where he spent a month eating WF hot dogs looking at the beautiful waters.

      Other places use the same boring, pretty much tasteless (and are probably) packaged turkey dogs. Meh, ho hum, bleh.

      Kevin, WF's former owner, told me that a company made them "special for me according to my recipe". He never did share with me the company's name, it seemed to be a bit of a mystery as far as I know.

      Now that WF is gone, it's time to forget about tasting those dogs ever again. Sad. See this thread for various WF chat, including turkey dog stuff.

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      1. re: GK in SO

        There are only a few places that do custom dogs in LA., Huntington Meats, Schreiners, Continental, the European place in the valley, Papa Cantellas might do custom orders and they already do their own turkey dog so they have the product. If I was a huge fan I would make some inquiries but I will leave it up to those who are addicted.

      2. Fab's does a turkey dog. Don't know how it compares, though.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          I am hopeful that hey will reopen, especially after seeing the above post. I also think that Fabs has all the dogs WF had. Fabs got the supplier for the polish dogs so why would he not have been passed the turkey dogs as well?

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            has anyone tried the turkey dogs at fab's actually? and were they anything like the weiner factory turkey dogs?

            1. re: kevin

              Yes, I've tried Fab's turkey dog, and sadly no, they were nothing like WF's.

              Fab's turkey dog is rather plain, especially in comparison to WF's. No seasoning/taste to them.

        2. To all that responded...

          Thanks so much for your time! I love Fab Dogs, but alas, the Grande Fromage of turkey dogs remains WF, in my humble op..

          It'd be great if they reopened. Thanks also for the custom dog places. May have to do some detective work.

          Cheers and long live WF!