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Jul 17, 2009 09:43 AM

Vegas brunch for locals off-strip

Can anyone make some recommendations for a spot for a Saturday brunch? I'm hosting some local colleagues (no more than 10 people), and am looking at getting together on a Saturday for a brunch. Any ideas at all? I've looked at Red Rock and at the JW Marriott spa and a couple other resorts, and haven't had luck with anything beyone a cafe - most only have a Sunday brunch.

Most of my dining experience has been on vacation on the Strip. Could use some locals' advice! Thanks!

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  1. Boulder Station $12.99
    Green Valley Ranch $19.99
    M Resort $24.95 ($2 off with slot card) I am not sure if champagne or just wine/beer.
    Rio $23.99
    Ritz Carlton @ Lake Las Vegas $32
    Santa Fe Station $16.99 (may have discount with slot card)
    Silverton $18.99
    South Point $13.955 (not sure if there is champagne)
    Sunset Station $15.99
    Texas Station $11.99

    I believe Station Casinos offer a discount with slot card.
    Of the ones listed above, I would opt for M Resort.

    1. I totally reccomend the M Resort's buffet brunch. A bit far out from Red Rock, but well worth it. The food's turned over very quick, and i've eaten there 5 times- all of the time the food's been delicious for a buffet. The views of the valley are gorgeous!

      1. if the time is 'brunch' time past peak breakfast rush, otherwise too packed, great breakfast spots are;
        Hash House a Go Go
        and some locals favorites are;

        beautiful waterfront brunch, Marche Bacchus French Bistro, 2620 Regatta Dr # 106, Las Vegas
        on the south valley is Green Valley; the Resort has various dining and Green Valley Ranch The District has delicious food spots
        in Summerlin is Boca Park Shopping District; best spot close by is Vintner Grill, also can select from Boca Park spots like Kona Grill, Cheesecake Factory etc.
        north valley is the new sister Station property Aliante Resort Casino, almost as good as Red Rock
        The Verandah restaurant at the Four Seasons Las Vegas is famous for its weekend brunches
        Stirling Club; might need a member to reserve but they hold monthly B.U.S.E. networking events which is a fee for non-members

        1. Thank you all for your input! Most helpful.
          We settled on the M Resort and my local guests seem quite keen on the location.
          I'm definitely going to make note of the Marche Bacchus recomendation from foodlvrzen - that sounds just lovely for my next personal trip.