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Jul 17, 2009 09:21 AM

Savannah Fine/Value Dining and Cooking School

I'm about to head to Savannah and need to pick one nice place to go. I've pretty much narrowed it to Elizabeth on 37th, Noble Fare, or local11ten. Any suggestions? What about differences in price/value?

Also any good recommendations for someone on a budget? I've been thinking about Vic's on the River (lunch), Mrs Wilkes, Zunzi's, and Papillote (looks new and good).

I'm just looking for some good places that take advantage of the local food (a great example would be the Frank Stitt restaurants in Birmingham).

Also, I noticed the cooking school at 700 Drayton is highly regarded on tripadvisor, anyone have any comments?


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  1. Check online for their menus - should give you a good idea of prices. I notice on their website that local11ten is going to be closed most of the month of August - summer holiday - that may help you decide if you were planning on coming then.

    I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth but I'm also very favorably disposed to Noble Fare. Go with Elizabeth's would be my recommendation, but if you decide to go with NF, you'll eat very well indeed, no worries. FYI, Elizabeth's was an early adapter of fresh and local, and "local" is built right into local11ten's name, isn't it?

    Lunch on a budget, huh? Probably of the four you mentioned, Zunzi's or Papillote have good fresh food well-prepared and at a reasonable price. Although Mrs. Wilkes has very good food also and true old Savannah charm as well, at $16.00 bucks a pop, I'm not sure if that's what you would call a budget lunch - if it is, by all means go for it. One other option to conside is Express Bakery and Deli on Barnard Street for either breakfast or lunch - twenty plus years of truly excellent food at moderate cost. Best sammich in the world is their roasted red papper and goat cheese on focaccia, sandwhich pressed heated.

    I've done the cooking school at the Mansion once, and really enjoyed myself. Great facility and instructors. I would think you'd enjoy yourself

    Hope you have a great visit, Wade