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Jul 17, 2009 08:53 AM


Has anyone been to the new restaurant Zentan in the Donovan Hotel?

I went to Chef Lee's NYC restaurant Shang in May and thought it was outstanding so I was thrilled to hear about Zentan. But they don't seem to have a menu up on their website or anything yet. (I'm pretty sure it opened in early June though). Any reviews?

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  1. Check out We went last week (search "Zentan" and my review shows up), but the short and sweet is that it's a great addition to the DC dining scene and definitely worth a visit.

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      Susar Lee's reputation is NOT built on the New York restaurant. Rather, it is his Toronoto restaurant where he built his reputation as one of the "50 best restaurants in the world." This is a huge addition to the D. C. dining scene. If Zentan even approaches the excellence of his Toronto restaurant we are extremely fortunate. Frankly, it is amazing that this restaurant has not received more attention: the reference point is NOT New York. It is Toronto where he is deeply respected and considered one of Canada's greatest chefs.