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Jul 17, 2009 08:17 AM

Good eats in the Ludlow, Weston, Woodstock area of Vermont?

We are going to be headed up to Southern Vermont and staying in Ludlow. Any suggestions for restaurants, diners, markets, etc., not to miss in that area?

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  1. wow - no response - I was about to post the same question!

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      This may be too late to help, but a couple of places that we enjoyed were:

      American Pie pizza in Ludlow served up excellent fresh handmade woodfired pizza in a funky little shop.

      Baba A Louis Bakery in Chester; delicious sticky buns and pastries as well as great bread.

      Singletons' in Proctorsville: where else can you buy guns and gourmet foods in the same shop? They smoke their own meats and the smoked salmon we bought there was unequaled. I still think about it.

    2. American Pie Wood Fired Pizza in Ludlow is pretty good: Crisp crust and fresh ingredients. Glad I tried it. There are a lot of rip offs and mediocrities in that area.
      Harry's 5 mi. west of Ludlow on rte 103 is eclectic and deservedly busy.

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        thanks atheorist!

        Harry's keeps popping up in older posts - so must be worth a try!

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          We thought the pizza from American Pie was excellent! Fresh, crispy and loaded with excellent ingredients.

        2. I led a bike tour up there a few weeks ago and half of us went to Sam's Steakhouse. They have an excellent salad bar, perhaps the best I've seen. I would stay away from the comfort food menu, as those who had them (shephard's pie, mac and cheese) said they were premade and brought out of the freezer on demand. The 10 oz. prime rib is plenty, although they offer 2 larger sizes.

          The same owner has an upscale Italian nearby, but it was closed as we were there on Monday. There is another Italian in the village which looks more interesting and had good reviews. There's some local restobars in the village but I'd avoid them. Check on tripadviser.

          1. Some of the better places close during the summer, but the 2 that stick out in my mind are Cappuccinos and the Echo Lake Inn. Haven't been up there in a while, but both were great options. There is a nice breakfast only spot in "downtown" Ludlow, but I don't recall the name.

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              That would be the Hatchery! Excellent. Sorry I was not thinking about breakfast.

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                that's it! straightforward, but always good