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Jul 17, 2009 08:10 AM

Child Friendly But nice in NYC?

We will be traveling into the city and staying at the Parker Meridien on W 56th, looking for a nice place to eat as a family with young children, 4 y/o's.

We will also be going to see the Lion King, so recs for the Theatre district would be helpful

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  1. There are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from, so you need to give up some specifics.

    Cuisine preferences? Any avoids? How picky is your child?
    Are you willing to travel to other neighborhoods?
    What is your per person dinner budget for food only? Keep in mind that you will have to add beverages, nearly 9% tax, & 20% tip.

      1. re: notsochubbychubette

        Would you really describe the atmosphere there as nice? It's more of a faux neighborhood dive joint on the inside.

        1. re: notsochubbychubette

          That Burger Joint at the basement is not where I would encourage to bring 4 y/o's to.

          While I'm not a fan of Norma's, I would consider that to be the better place in Parker Meridian. The food's difinitely big and colorful enough for 4 y/o's, plus the place is bigger and brighter.

        2. Trattoria Dell Arte is up the street very nice restaurant but will have pizza/pasta for the kids and its loud so it would be fine.Red Eye Grill, also big and loud and has a few choices for kids.The Brooklyn Diner is close by, Angelo's Pizza is a sit down restaurant and has pasta and thin crust pizza, Uncle Nick's is great,casual greek food, not sure how open they are to that. Mickey Mantles has decent food and if the kids are into sports that could be a hit. JEckyll and Hyde although I would not go for the food, is right down the block from there. Beni Hana if they want to be entertained is right there as well. THere is plenty to choose from in that area....

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          1. re: apples

            Jeckyll & Hyde might scare the bejesus out of 4-year-olds so the sacrifice on the part of the parents (the "food") would not be worth it...but Benihana is a great idea. The food is more than edible and kids love it. We took our twin boys there for their nursery school graduation many years ago and they still remember it fondly! Just remind them, when they see the flying knives, don't try this at home.

            1. re: City Kid

              The original poster is looking for a nice restaurant where they would feel comfortable bringing kids. Not an amusement park.

              Try Caffe Cielo on 8th Ave and 53rd Street.

              Mickey Mantle's up the street from you.

              Vynl on 51st and 9th.

              5 Napkin Burger

              Brooklyn Diner

              Havana Central Times Square

              1. re: UWStoSONO

                If the kids are amused it makes the meal much more enjoyable for the parents!

          2. For meals other than the Lion King, I have had good meals with children at the following places, which I think qualify as nice and child friendly:

            Lupa (Italian, Greenwich Village)
            Blue Ribbon Sushi (Sushi, Soho)
            Dawat (Indian, Midtown East)
            Chin Chin (Chinese, Midtown)
            Rosa Mexicana (Mexican - Lincoln Center - but other locations as well)

            1. I would also throw landmarc into the mix as both nice and child friendly. Located in the Time Warner Center at columbus circle.