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Jul 17, 2009 07:58 AM

heading to south norwalk tonight - where should i go?

want good food, drink and scene. noting too heavy- maybe seafood?

any ideas are appreciated

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  1. Osetra fits the bill perfectly.

    Or maybe Kazu if you like sushi.

    Many will recommend Barcelona, I'm personally not a big fan. But definitely a scene.

    1. Barcelona for tapas is always fun. You can mix and match small plates, they have many seafood items.
      Match is a fun scene with good food, a very varied menu with lots of daily specials. Great thin crust pizzas, salads.
      Osetra focuses on seafood but I haven't been in a long time...preparations can be a little odd. Wasabi Chi has good asian fusion and sushi. Tuna Millenium dish is great!
      Other places are Strada 18, Rouge Wine Bar, Ginger Man, Kazu (sushi), Burger Bar...

      1. Kazu is very good with a vibrant scene
        Jfood is a Barcelona fan really likes the paillard tapa and mushroom with goat cheese
        Starada 18 is also very good
        People also rave about Pasta Nostro but getting a reservation is too difficult unless planned a couple of weeks in advance
        Osetra is for the adventurous, constantly changing menu and you should check on line to see if you like
        People like Match. Jfood thinks very over-rated but the pizza is good.
        Absolutely get over to Chocopologie for some chocolates and dessert
        The loft is great for before and after dinner for some live music
        Coromandel is a very good Indian experience


        1. Avoid Match at all cost. A bit overrated, they try WAY to hard to be trendy, and well overpriced. I agree their pizzas are good, but if you just want pizza, hit Strada.
          For me, I love Pasta Nostra - - - it's been my favorite on that street for over a decade. Not cheap, but quality and taste are awesome. Best wine list I've ever seen, too. As jfood said, you might not be able to get in, but sometimes its worth asking in case their was a cancellation....

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            Well, to each his own...I've been to Strada a few times and thought it was less than mediocre. I'd take Match any day over Strada.
            Agree that the food at Pasta Nostra is excellent, but I don't enjoy the rushed service or ambiance there at all.

          2. I might be a little too harsh on Match in some of my posts.... it's not a bad place by any means, but I just think there is just so much better, especially for the money. They try too hard to present "pretty" dishes rather than flavorful, balanced dishes. They also seem a bit full of themselves from a service perspective.
            Anyway... where did you end up going and what were your impressions?