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Jul 17, 2009 07:54 AM

Focaccia Summerlicious '09

Heading over to Focaccia tonight for the special and was wondering if anyone who has been there for dinner has any recommendations for the menu.

Having trouble deciding what to try there since I haven't read any specific food recommendations about the place. What do they do well?

Picking from:
- Penne alla vodka, chipotle cream sauce
- Penne grilled chicken, mushroom, rose sauce
- Roast chicken breast, yam frites

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also, a bonus question. It's my birthday today and after dinner I was hoping to go somewhere kind of nice to have a drink. Any ideas? I'm not necessarily looking for something fancy, just something nice with a cozy atmosphere close to Yonge and Bloor.


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  1. Drinks:
    - Carens Wine bar on Cumberland (back patio) o
    - roof of the Park Hyatt

    1. You will be ordering off their Recession Menu, aka the Summerlicious. I liked my lamb porterhouse very much.

      1. for nice drinks there's panorama at the top of the manulife center, bay and bloor. for cozy there's 7 west on charles street between yonge and bay.