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Jul 17, 2009 07:51 AM

Great Mexican (not TexMex) in Dallas

We have discovered a fairly new Mexico City style mexican restaurant. It is Lito's in Oak Cliff. Very unassuming in the shopping district on Jefferson. Very unusual dishes that we TexMex lovers are not used to. Hint: great tamales available only Fri, Sat, Sun. They even have sweet tamales! Lito's--318 W. Jefferson. Take my word, cross the river and be suprised all over again!

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  1. of course! Scott has a great report @ dallasfood with lots of pictures. I found it to be well worth the trip from Plano for mole verde and chicharron prensado. Those (white?) corn tortillas were easily some of the best I ever had.

    1. We love Lito's! And, Gonzalez Restaurant and La Palapa Veracruzana as well. They're all on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff.
      We never eat Tex-Mex in Dallas anymore. Once you've been to a few of these places on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff, you'll never go back to Maple Avenue in Dallas.

      1. Oak Cliff has many authentic choices: but don't pass up West Dallas either, hidden little hole-in-the-wall jems also serving 'peasant' food not found at gringo-tex diners.

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          Guys, to take this discussion a little farther South of the border, don't forget that the Carrollton/Addison/North Dallas axis is quietly becoming a hotbed of Central and South American cuisine. Two suggestions: Secco de Cabrito at Inca's Cafe and Ceviche Ecuatoriana at El Fogon. If you guys know of any other places and dishes to try in this area, please let me know.

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            The plantain soup (was on the daily special), almojabanas, tamale and empanadas all at El Portal on Trinity Mills and Marsh (next to Mena's Tex-Mex).

            Try out the seabass ceviche at Inca's Cafe too.

            The Cuban sandwich from real Cubans at International Bakery just doors down from Inca's Cafe

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              Thanks, LH. I'm always on the lookout for good empanadas, and I've heard good things about El Portal. Also, the Carnitas Tacos at Tacos Plus near Belt Line and Webb Chapel are worth a look as well. I also want to try the Ropa Vieja at Carribean Cafe soon, even if I don't cotton to the idea of eating old clothes (that's the literal translation of "ropa vieja").

        2. Please, someone tell me the name of the Mexican seafood restaurant that's next to Two Guys. I forgot it.

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            Further to my post, the word, "shack" was included in the name.

          2. Got it! "seafood Shack" on Webbs Chapel. A friend reminded me.

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              Decent place. I am usually the only gabacho in the Seafood Shack. They have specials daily and some days really cheap raw oysters. Food is fairly quick and cheap. Look for great catfish and some nice ceviche.