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Jul 17, 2009 07:49 AM

Galveston - 901 Postoffice

I had the pleasure of dining at one of Galveston's newest restaurants last night and it was fantastic, 901 Postoffice. One of the non-food things I enjoyed was the fact that it is fine dining but in true island fashion you can wear shorts and and sandals if that is your pleasure. That laid back atmosphere just makes the island what it is.

The restaurant itself if very relaxing. Located in an old home on the east end one gets the feeling of dining in a friends extended dining room. There is also a lovely outdoor patio area for when the summer heat subsides and al fresco dining can be enjoyed.

I was with two friends and we started with Spicy Firecracker shrimp. These large shrimp wrapped in what appeared to be a wonton wrapper and served with a slightly spicy sweet chili cause were a great beginning.

The entrees selected at our table were beef short ribs with a pomegranate glaze, pan seared medallions of beef, and apricot rum barbecue chicken breast. Each entree came with a house salad which was the most tender heart of romaine that had glazed pecans, grape tomatoes, and a nice house vinaigrette.

The short ribs were perfectly prepared and so tender they fell from the bone, served atop a savory mashed potato casserole. The pomegranate glaze was just right and not too sweet which I find to be common in many other restaurants when it comes to glazes. My friends pan seared medallions were fantastic and served atop a jalapeno cornbread pudding that was the perfect compliment to the beef. I did not sample our other dining companions entree but he raved about the apricot rum barbecue chicken breast., and the Poblano cheese grits.

For dessert we all shared a white chocolate key lime mousse that was topped with fresh fruit. It was delicious and the perfect sweet ending to our meal.

One of the nice things about the place with such a laid back atmosphere is the feeling you are in a friends home so we did not hesitate to sample each others meals. I also enjoyed the fact that everything was perfectly portioned which in the restaurant world today is rare. Everything was enjoyed and we left still talking about how good it was all the way to our vehicles as we left.

901 POstoffice is a sure sign that Galveston Is back with good things to come. I highly recommend it if you live on or visit the island.

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  1. Thanks for the review swamp. You made my mouth water with the descriptions of the food!

    1. That sounds great. I haven't been to Galveston since 2005, and I miss it so much! Your restaurant review really makes me want to plan a trip to "the island." Usually hubby and I like to dress up for restaurant dinners, but it's really fun to go someplace like Galveston where you can just be cool and comfortable and it's perfectly acceptable.

      1. DH and I had our anniversary dinner there last Saturday, and were delighted with the food, the service, and the attractive restaurant itself. We also started with the Firecracker Shrimp, which apparently is becoming one of their signature dishes--the sauce was just the right mixture of sweet and hot, and was a fine complement to the shrimp. DH had the red snapper, also beautifully prepared and topped with yummy crab wontons. I enjoyed my pork tenderloin; three thick medallions stuffed with apples, jalapenos and blue cheese, and topped with a balsamic reduction, and served over outstanding mashed potatoes.
        We shared a piece of chocolate bread pudding that was just right. The portion sizes here are just right, too.
        The restaurant is lovingly decorated; all who were involved in the restoration of this old home should be proud. The little flower arrangements on each table include fresh herbs, so I enjoyed the fragrance of rosemary all evening.
        Tony, the owner, introduced himself and wished us a happy anniversary; after dinner he showed us the back patio, which will be a very pleasant place to spend an evening after the weather cools off!
        We really liked this place. Everybody, go.

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