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Jul 17, 2009 07:46 AM

Best Pizza Near Disney?

We're going to be off Oceola Parkway and 192 with the kids tonight. Ideas for (at least) better than average pizza along Osceola Pkwy between the Turnpike and 192 or thereabouts?

Thanks, any recs definitely appreciated.

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  1. There are a Giordano's Pizza on 192 and another on Apopka Vineland Rd. They aren't necessary the best, but their upside down stuffed pizza is definitely very unique (at least in Orlando).

    Here's pictures from my visit to the location on Apopka Vineland:

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      Giordano's! I haven't eaten at the Orlando locations, but I'm a Chicago girl and love their pies. : )

      1. re: winechic

        This is more of a reply to winechic. I am also from Chicago, although not a big fan of the Chicago chains. You may want to try Famas on Central Floriday Parkway, 5474 Central Florida Pkwy, close to Seaworld. Not Chicago pizza but pretty good. The cheese they use is excellent, gives the pizza a "non Florida" pizza taste.
        Awaiting the opening of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, on Palm PParkway & Sandlake.
        Supposedly a good pizza.