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Jul 17, 2009 07:44 AM

Need suggestions near Grant Park (south)

We're staying at 11th Street & Michigan for 4 days. Looking for options within walking distance, since we'll be stuck in that area for work. Any cuisine, preferably casual.

Also, we will have 1 free day, plus Sunday before the flight out. For Sunday brunch, so far i've noted West Egg Cafe, Cafe des Architectes, and Feast. For the 1 free day, looking for options that are worth making a trip to if you were forced to narrow it down. any cuisine.

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  1. Here's a couple that you might want to search for more info:
    Bongo Room
    Chicago Curry House
    Flaco's Tacos
    Lou Malnatti's
    Manny's (bit of a walk, but worth it)

    1. For brunch, Bongo Room and Yolk are both walking distance. You're probably right next door to Yolk.

      1. I'd throw a couple more on the list. Down south I would add Custom House, Mercat a la Planxa (still closed?), Opera, Oysy.

        Most of the suggestions to date have you going south or staying south. It isn't too difficult to walk north (The Gage, Rosebud Prime, etc.).

        1. I ate at Feast and was not impressed. My salad had four ingredients besides dressing - spinach, roasted grapes, blue cheese and almonds. See photo. Long stems were left on the spinach, stems left on the grapes, and the blue cheese was in walnut-sized globs. Is it so hard to prepare food correctly? It tasted fine, after I removed stems and composed it so it was edible.

          I also got a margherita pizza that had a tasteless crust that was covered in powdery flour. Really a disappointment.