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Jul 17, 2009 07:37 AM

birthday party in china town

Hi All
I am looking for a restaurant in China town that can hold up to 50 people for a birthday party. We are big drinkers and love our food. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced place please?


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  1. I would check out sky dragon. It's the top floor of a building on the corner of Dundas and Spadina. Definitely big enough for a group that size. Food quality is decent. And there's an interior patio thingie if your group includes smokers who want to light up between drinks. It's primarily a dim sum place, but also has a regular menu.

    1. Asian Legend has a private room downstairs that can hold this many.

      1. Forestview might be able to accommodate. A family friend had a wedding reception dinner there and it was pretty good. They closed down the restaurant for the event but I'm sure for 50 people they could give you half a section of the restaurant or something. (I forget the layout exactly)

        P.S. Garbage strike and Chinatown? Just sayin'. :P I'm going there for a haircut right now so I have no problem walking through there but it's pretty gross.

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          Not a fan of old school decor at Forestview. If you are expecting some ambiance, this might not suit.

        2. You might want to try Bright Pearl. They do all day dimsum and you can also order regular dishes off the menu. They have a massive dining room, which is like a reception hall that can accomodate parties (they even do weddings). Price is reasonable, not sure about the drink list though.