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Jul 17, 2009 07:08 AM

Casual Lunch Saturday in Santa Monica; Help!

So I am looking for a great, casual brunch/lunch Saturday in the SM area (though WLA and points a bit South are welcome, too). It will be 3 adults and a young child, so bear that in mind. Also, by casual, I mean CASUAL, as I will be coming from playing in a soccer game.

We've done Bay Cities, we've done brunch at Amandine and Huckleberry ... just had a great burger at Hungry Cat last night, and we're doing Rivera for dinner tomorrow, so no burgers or Latin please.

Having said all that, suggest away! Thanks!

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  1. 17th St Cafe on Montana would certainly fill all your requirements, and it's very child friendly.

    17th St Cafe
    1610 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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      Thanks Serv ... any specific recs there?

      1. re: a213b

        We love their tortilla soup with chicken. Enough bite without being too spicy and a very unique, thicker soup.

        They normally have some very good salads. Last time I had their lamb salad with beautiful slices of medium rare (how I ordered it) lamb over a bed of mixed greens, ripe tomatoes, asparagus tips and red onions dressed with a balsamic vinegrette.

        They have really good pancakes too, if you're into breakfast and I often have their huevos rancheros on blue corn tortillas.

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          One other thing that we love is the little basket of mini bran muffins they give you in lieu of bread. Delicious and they'll bring you more if you ask. We generally even get some to take home and they just give us a bag full.

    2. Cynthia's on the Corner - Montana and 15th. Perfect place for your needs, and the food is fantastic.

      I cannot stand 17th Street, yuch.

      1. rose cafe, urth cafe, shutters, bread and porridge. i think any where in sm is casual -- especially in the summer when tourists think its ok to show up in a bathing suit to any location within walking distance of the beach. you'll prob be overdressed coming from a soccer game.

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          Cora's on Ocean Ave. and Le Pain Quotiden on SM and 4th (chain yes but I like what I've had there).

        2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We actually decided on Anisette. I've been there for dinner and really enjoyed it, and have heard good things about their brunch/lunch. Also, I'll quickly clean up before going.