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Jul 17, 2009 06:56 AM

Porchetta anywhere?

Where can you get some really good, crackling skinned porchetta in a bun or on its own?

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  1. There's a whole restaurant dedicated to it!

    1. I'd stay away from Porchetta. It's incredibly overrated. The pork was virtually tasteless, the sandwich insanely dry and expensive. The potatoes were very tasty though. If I ever had anything from there again it would be the potatoes.

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      1. re: Slob

        The slob for the win! couldn't agree more on that statement... so flippin' overrated. dry. boring. too much bread. too much hype. But those potatoes with bacon bits are awesome and the most memorable thing from there.

        1. re: iFat

          iFat, the most memorable thing to me about Porchetta was the feeling of "What??!!" after I tasted that dry, flavorless sandwich.

          P.S. I hit Cafe Habana after reading your glowing review on my last visit last month, and it DID NOT disappoint.

          1. re: Slob

            yeah man, i've been writing my porchetta review this week and it's been fun. glad habana worked out for you and appreciate you checkin out the site.


            1. re: iFat

              The site's great, and I will hit some of your other hot spots, as you hit a homerun with Habana.

              1. re: Slob

                just wanted to follow up last weeks chatter w/ a more thorough breakdown...

                The hype on Porchetta is unlike anything we've ever seen. Has a sandwich of any kind, even a burger, ever garnered this much critical acclaim? In print, online and across NYC food nation, people are wetting themselves over Porchetta's Tuscan style pork sandwich. People treat it like a Wes Anderson directed movie that Thom York did the soundtrack for and Megan Fox shows her **** in. It's absurd!

                We're not shy about hopping on the bandwagon when something deserves it and fully expected to be front car on this trip. Unfortunately, despite repeat visits and plenty of chances the verdict is in; this sandwich is disgustingly overrated. The pork is less than plentiful and too dry, the bread nowhere near moist enough and way too thick. Sure, it's reasonably tasty and for $9, it's a bargain according to NYC standards. But the praise is completely unwarranted. The Porchetta sandwich ranked #1 in Time Out's "Best Thing We Ate This Year" spread while NY Mag can't stop writing about Porchetta, they prominently featured it in the "Where To Eat 2009" issue. The bottom line is that it's just not all that. The hype on Porchetta is just that - hype!


                1. re: iFat

                  Agreed completely, iFat, except for the part where you state that it's a "bargain". A bad, dry relatively tasteless sandwich at $9 is a bargain nowhere.

                  1. re: Slob

                    yeah, i hear that... at this point though, anything under $10 as a meal in this city i consider a bargain unfortunately.


                  2. re: iFat

                    I totally agree. I luuuuuuv me some roast piggie, but what passes for it at Porchetta was tasteless, plus it reeked of fennel, which is an acquired taste (and never acquired by me) that overwhelmed the meat, such as it was. The bread was too thick and hard to eat, I almost broke a tooth on it. I won't be going back. Even the potatoes, which I had high hopes for, were awful: dry and tough and wizened.

          2. re: Slob

            From what I have heard, when Porchetta is good, it's amazing, and when it's back, it's terribly dry. They seem to be VERY inconsistent.

            1. re: kathryn

              porchetta is always bad. this place is by far the most overrated scam in the east village next to una pizza...but i digress.

              i heard mixed things about locanda verde's version but id be willing to give that a go.

              1. re: sam1

                It must be inconsistency, its definitely not always bad. I've been surprised to read so many negative reviews on CH, I must have lucked out the couple times I've gone there and had delicious porchetta platters, meat was juicy, nicely seasoned with notes from the fennel pollen coming through, not dry at all. Really good when its been on. Some of the cracklings can definitely be too hard, but some are just very crunchy--I love cracklings, have made a point to order extra cracklings from here, and haven't regretted it despite a couple per platter being truly over the top. Have been three times or four times, had delicious platters two or three times, had the sandwich the other time which wasn't as good, was drier, but not to the degree it sounds like some people have had. So I'd say its an inconsistency thing.

                1. re: sam1

                  I had Locanda Verde's porchetta sandwich for lunch last week. Very delicious, but I wouldn't describe it as "crackling."

            2. Salumeria Rosi. Had a bite of our friend's the other day and it was fabulous.


              Salumeria Rosi
              283 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023

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              1. re: c oliver

                yes, Cesare's porchetta is the Bomb.

              2. DiPalo makes an incredible porchetta. I just happened to be there one day as they were pulling it out of the oven and bought some. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when/how often they make it or if there's any schedule at all. You could try calling and asking.

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                1. re: scrittrice

                  Dang! We stopped for our *takeaway to CA" loot on Monday. Next time I'll ask about that.

                2. Someone needs to open up one of those trucks and sell these babies; they'd make a killing.
                  I am looking for something similar to below.