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Jul 17, 2009 06:49 AM

Prix Fixe Menus in Phila?

I'm looking for a list of restaurants or bars in/around Philadelphia that offer Prix Fixe menus. Specifically more than one day a week.
Any suggestions?

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  1. There's tons of them. I'm sure people will chime in with their favorites, but here is a good list to go off of:

    Although it's a "recession special" list there are lots of high end places listed with their Prix Fixe deals.

    You should also type "prix fixe" into their search. You'll get even more options back.

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      Thanks BarryG– That helped a lot. We're leaning towards Table 31's 5-7 Happy Dinner specials. $7 martinis and $9 snacks!

    2. We ate at Salento last night and they had a $27 prix fixe consisting of appetizers - choice of most on their regular menu but not the antipasto - entrees - choice of about 10 including 5 pastas - and 2 desserts. Excellent and a bargain

      1. Friends of ours have don the pix fixe at Estia and at Roys. Both, they said, were very good.

        I have also been wanting to try Petite Passion at the Art Institute, 23rd & Market. I've been there for lunch & would highly recommend it. Here is the link:

        1. A lot of places have unadvertised PFs or they change their menus, but I see more and more of them lately.

          I really like XIX's cafe 3-course PF. For lunch it's $19, in the evenings, it's $30, but I don't think it runs every weekday night. I mostly go for lunch because I work in the area. This is my favorite PF because of the beautiful setting (like eating inside of a Faberge egg), great ambiance and pleasant service. You get fresh rolls with butter and sea salt flakes, an all-you-can-eat appetizer and dessert bar and an entree. The list of entree selections is short and most dishes are on the light side, but it does include a small steak with fingerling potatoes as well as a fish of the day. The real draw (other than the setting) is the appetizer bar. It has 3 kinds of cheeses, 3 high quality meats (usually prosciutto and similar) and related accoutrement (yummy gherkins, whole-seed mustard) and 3-4 salad varieties. The selection may seem small, but each individual component is so good, I could easily spend an hour grazing there happily. The dessert bar is also simple with several types of cookies (the white chocolate chip and cherry ones are my favorite), small brownies, madeleines, and a variety of parfaits--they're small, take 2 or 3 or one of each, which I often try to do. I like grazing and trying a little bit of a variety of things, so this appetizer and desert arrangement works well for me. I think the price includes coffee and/or tea (the iced tea is very good), but they also have a very intriguing (though not cheap) cocktail menu. Among other things, they serve Pimm's cups.

          Girasole has a PF also--I think it's 3 courses for $30. I didn't have it, but I tried one of their carpaccios a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome.

          Lacroix at the Rittenhouse has a lunch PF for $24 Mon.-Sat. and a dinner 3 course for $35 Sun.-Thur. I haven't had the PFs, but I've eaten the Restuarant week 3 courses for $35 special and a full regular ala carte meal and both were excellent. I actually like them better than Le Bec Fin. If you want to spluge, at $75 and $95, their tasting menus are significantly cheaper than, but comparable in quality to, LBFs. They also have a wine-paired tasting menu for $95 on Aug. 21 that looks absolutely awesome.

          Le Bec Fin has a new $35 PF menu. Haven't tried it yet. At lunch their tasting menu is pretty reasonable (I think $45 or $55) for 5 courses. They also have a 3 course PF for $35 at lunch and a $14.95 hamburger. I went to lunch recently and had the tasting menu--it was amazing. But I noticed of the 9 seated tables, I think 4 went for the burgers for both parties. I felt kind of sorry for the chefs. They had to have worked their @$$es off to get to LBF and here they are making burgers.

          Sotto Varalli seems to have a few different kinds of PFs. I haven't tried them, but I have eaten there a number of times and liked everything I've tried.

          Marrakesh near South St. I went there a few years ago. It's not the best Morrocan food ever, but it was tasty and a fun experience. At the time I went the 7 course meal was in the $20s--very reasonable for a fun, belly-filling meal.

          Bindi also has a $35 special tasting menu, but only on Tuesdays or something.

          Lunch only: El Vez -- $14.99, 2 courses
          EV has a 2-course lunch menu for $14.99. You have a choice of tortilla soup or chop salad and three entrees--black bean enchiladas, chicken (possibly chipotle?) tacos and a ground beef burrito. The salad was a real surprise. It was easily a meal in itself with black beans, fresh corn and tomatoes and fried tortilla strips. I tried the black bean enchiladas which turned out to be my second favorite thing at EV. My favorite EV food is still the Macho Nachos ($9). They are piled with black beans, corn, cheese and veggies. What sets them apart is the delicious stewed beef buried in the pile. No mediocre chili or ground beef here, this is more like getting a ropa vieha with your tortillas.

          Lunch again, Raw -- $14.99 set meals
          The lunch menu offers a variety of generous bentos at the $15 price point. The entrees come with fresh vegetable tempura (plus a large shrimp tempura), miso soup, a small salad, a couple of California rolls, rice and pickles. Entrees include Korean Beef Galbi, various sushi assortments and I think a Chicken Teriyaki? I've tried the Tuna sampler (spicy tuna rolls and 2 tuna sashimi), both were good. Raw also has a cool variety of ala carte sushi and veggie rolls, including sweet potato tempura rolls, that I really like.