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Jul 17, 2009 06:47 AM

New gas grill recs needed

Need new gas grill, looking for propane, something with 2+ burners, doesn't need to be huge, enough for 4-6 people's food. Extra burner would be nice. Needs to be simple to operate, top not super heavy (I will be the grillmaster). Previously had Napoleon BBQ, lasted 10 years, doesn't pay to have it fixed. Willing to spend no more than $500. Like to cook all kinds of veggies, steaks, ribs, roast turkey (spit would be great option). Thanks!

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  1. I bought one of the Member's Mark grills from Sam's Club last year and have been happy with it so far. Depending on the club you go to, they will have different models, with different features. Mine was a 4-burner model, with an additional "sear" burner, a vertical rotisserie burner in the back (and a rotisserie rod and motor), and a stove-like burner on the side. It's got really nice, heavy, stainless-steel grates, too. It'll heat up to over 600 degrees with all the burners on within 10 minutes.

    The models/features/prices change each year, so I'm not sure what's available, exactly, this year, but I got mine, at the end of the season last summer, for about $400 - I think it was originally $500-$550.

    The only complaint I've got with it is the starter takes batteries, which is annoying since they always seem to give out when I don't have a spare handy, but I usually just light it by hand, anyway.

    1. The broilking crown is probably the best grill you'll get for that kind of money. They have the best technology you can get in steel tube burners with their super 8 infinity on lower models and dualtube on their higher models. You get extremely high even output with a large range of control. Besides that you get a lifetime warant on the oven 5 years on burners and 2 years on other small parts.

      Now their grills arent big shiny full stainless boxes like most of the others on the market today, but that's because stainless is expensive and instead of making a shiny box that cant cook for crap. they made a durable construction with high quality parts inside that will give you grilling performance equivalent if not better than most $1500+ grills

      I think the crown 70 model should be right in your price range if you wanna shell out another $100 the signet 70 is probably the best bang for your buck


        The site gives gas grills recommendations for grill $250 to $500.
        I have a Char Broil Commercial series from Lowe's. Its a best buy from Consumer Reports. It has a side burner which I use to cook fish outside the house. it was $300. Its OK for light use and if you keep it coverd in the winter. It tends to run hot at the far end of the grill. It may not be sturdy enough for your purposes.