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Jul 17, 2009 06:07 AM

Need to find a good deli in Downtown Toronto

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a good deli in the downtown core. I work in the Financial District however live in the Bathurst and St Clair area. Can anyone suggest something in between? I'm looking to get a good pastrami sandwich.

Thank you!

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  1. Best bets within those parameters are:
    Corned Beef House on Adelaide
    Caplansky's at College and Clinton (but moving soon)
    Mutual Street Deli at Dundas and Jarvis.

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    1. re: thatlankyfoody

      and New York Deli at Bay and Charles

      1. re: blogs

        Thanks for the input! I'll be sure to check New York Deli out as well.

        1. re: Sarah_G

          Not to be pedantic, but it's called the New Yorker Deli. Might help if you're trying to map it. I tried their pastrami the other week, which was fairly thinly sliced warm, had a really nice peppery crust, and was available with an onion bun and nice mustards on request. Worth a visit.

      2. re: thatlankyfoody

        Thank you for the suggestions. A co-worker mentioned Corned Beef House so I plan on heading over there at lunch. I will definitely check out the other two. Do you know where Caplansky's is moving too?

        1. re: Sarah_G

          356 College, rumors suggest sometime in August.

          1. re: Sarah_G

            356 College St. about midway between Spadina and Bathurst, the new place might open in August

            1. re: blogs

              Interesting...I have a friend who loves that deli so I'll have to pass on the info to him. Side note, I went to The Corned Beef House today for lunch. It's my new favorite spot for lunch now! Fantastic sandwich. The beef was tender and a good portion too.