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Jul 17, 2009 06:04 AM

Chain items that are addictive as crack

While I don't dine at chains that frequently, there are some items that I simply can't quit eating once I start. Once I'm done, there's such a feeling of regret (that it's gone) and shame.

Red Lobster - cheddar/garlic biscuits
Red Lobster - Ceasar salad
Macaroni Grill - Rosemary bread
Cheesecake Factory - avocado rolls w/tamarind dipping sauce
Lone Star Steakhouse - fresh, roasted peanuts
Olive Garden - garlic bread
Outback - awesome blossom
Papa Johns - garlic dipping sauce

What are your guilty addictions?

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  1. Taco Bell ~ Cheesy, Chili Burritos (Chilitos) and Cheesy Double Beef Burrito. Both need two packs of Fire sauce in them though.

    Sonic ~ Frito Chili Pie. They also had a FCP Wrap that was excellent too.


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    1. re: Davwud

      Wow, that cheesy double beef burrito is one of my favorites too- as are Sonic Frito pies... parallel universe...

      1. re: Davwud

        For me, it's the Chilito, Beef Meximelt and Mexican Pizza. Saucing them up is a good idea, they can be dry sometimes.

        To me, there's very little better than a simple McDonald's cheeseburger.

        1. re: Fibber McGee

          What place still calls a chili Cheese Burrito a Chilito? Taco Bell did this as the word sounded "mexican" enough, but means 'Little Penis" in spanish slang. After a lot of laughter, TB just started calling it the chili cheese burrito.

          Let's see. Addictive at chains.
          1- Big Mac. I hate lettuce and can't really stand Thousand Island Dressing. But on a Big Mac, I get the attack. TI dressing also goes well on the Reuban.

          2- Pancakes at Ihop. Plain with butter and syrup.

          3- Mushroom Swiss at Backyard Burgers

          4- Southwestern Eggrolls at Chili's.

          5-goes with post I'm responding to, I've yet to have a bad mexican pizza.

          6- 7 layer burrito at Taco Bell.

          7- Cheesecake bites at Sonic.

          8- That "bit of honey" taste of chicken tenders at Chik-F_Let...don't think I spelled it right.

          9-Shrimp Alfredo at Olive Garden

          10- Popeye's Red beans & Rice(Popeyes rules in regards to sides)

          1. re: Shadowcran

            They will always be Chilitos to me. :) I do order them as chili cheese burritos, though. To avoid confusion.

            1. re: Shadowcran

              yeah dude. the southwestern eggrolls, oh lord. i finally learned how to make them and always havea batch on hand in the freezer, ready to be tossed in the deep fryer...but i still don't know how to make that avocado ranch :(

              as for the chik fil a chicken, yes it is soooo good (seriously) but it's not honey you're's powdered sugar in the breading. i know it sounds crazy but it's true. look it up!

              1. re: littlew1ng

                have you tried any copycat recipe for the avocado ranch dipping sauce?

        2. Tuscan Chicken Melt from Subway. Not toasted. Hot Chicken. American cheese. Lettuce, tomato, TONS of black olives, spices, and ranch dressing. Damn. Might have to get one right now.

          1. Well, the obvious choice is coffee from Tim Horton's. 2 Cream, 1 sugar. Yum. And, after I have the first iced drink of the summer season, I find myself craving them all the time. Iced Capp from Tim's or Mocha Frappuccino from Starbuck's.

            There's a Mexican chain here called Mucho Burrito, and I find myself craving their chicken and corn quesadillas. Oh baby!

            1. Popeye's biscuits, ok, just about anything there I love.

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              1. re: roro1831

                I've never had Popeye's biscuits. What makes them so good?

                1. re: sheilal

                  I'd say it's the crack but I think it's the salt and butter flava. They are good and not too salty for eating with jam on them.

                  1. re: masha bousha

                    It's the crack too. lol
                    Butter, lard just so good, and great the next day heated up with jam on them

              2. Oooh ditto on the rosemary bread.

                Also for me are:

                Outback - cheese fries
                Panera - chocolate duo cookie with walnuts
                Noodles & Co. - penne rosa with feta and olives