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Jul 17, 2009 02:35 AM

Itenerary help for upcoming trip

Okay so myself and 2 friends will be traveling to New Orleans Aug 8th (Sat) and leaving Aug 11th (Tues). We are staying at the Country Inn and Suites on Magazine St. We should be at our hotel and checked in, ready to hit the town by 9:30 pm. Here are my plans so far, any can change based on advice.

We are 3 guys, late 20's, early 30's, willing to try most anything. I do not really want to travel outside of the Quarter or Garden District.

Places, food, things I am interested in:
Mr B's Bistro, Johnny's PoBoys, Acme Oyster Bar, Coop's, turtle soup, boudin, bananas foster, bread pudding, drink specials, cemetary tour, seeing the Garden District, anything someone visiting for the first time should see or do.

Sat night: I thought after checking into the hotel we would go directly to Bourbon St. Maybe check out the Funky Pirate first. Just kind of hang out there until we get that late night, alcohol fueled hunger. I need somewhere near Bourbon, open late, good food.

Sun: I would really like to get up and have brunch, but probably will not happen if the night before goes how I think it will. Being that it will be very hot, I was thinking of getting up and going straight to a restaurant. Looking for a laid back place with great New Orleans food and drink specials. Maybe some music also. Not looking to dress up, just want to crawl into a booth somewhere, eat some good food and have some drinks. After a long lunch, walk around, see what there is to see and work up an appetite for dinner. Again, nothing fancy, just good food and drink. From there to Bourbon St and on to bed.

Mon: Here is another day that I would really like to get up and go to Commander's Palace for lunch. I don't think I will be able to get my friends up and into decent clothes though. Probably another late start and a repeat of Sun.

Tues: We have until around 2 pm to hit anything we might have missed. I would like to grab a roast beef poboy somewhere for the trip home.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice!

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  1. CP for lunch in the garden room (m-f). They serve till around 2. IMO, the best turtle soup, plus 25 cent martinis, bread pudding souffle. Cemetary is across the street. FWIW, RB po boys should be eaten hot and do not reheat well. I know first timers should visit Bourbon St. however, don't miss Frenchmen St. in the Marigny. Great music, bars. Mimis for late night tapas.

    1. On Saturday night, after your booze fueled adventure, try Clover Grill. It is in the Quarter and open 24 hours. There are a lot of bars outside of the Quarter that would be fun to check out over your stay. There are numerous bars on Magazine Street such as The Balcony Bar, The Bulldog, and most importantly Miss Mae's. Miss Mae's is a great dive with cheap and strong drinks. A few other great dive bars are Snake and Jake'sand F & M Patio Bar. Frenchmen Street is full of clubs and great jazz, and I much prefer it over Bourbon. It is more of a local "Bourbon Street" so to speak and still a great time(Bourbon Street is fun for a first time visitor for one night, but the cocktail scene off Bourbon is much more indicitive of New Orleans and equally as fun). For upscale cocktails, try CURE, The Carousel Bar, Hermes, or Tonique. Keep in mind, there is no closing time at many bars until sunrise.....

      For brunch on Sunday, try Lil Dizzzy's or Buffa's. Great food, and very laid back enviroment. I believe that Buffa's has music, but not certain if Lil Dizzy's does. Elizabeth's is also a great place for laid back breakfast/lunch.

      For Monday lunch, try Mandina's on Canal. You can have turtle soup or a great oyster loaf. If you would rather try something else, Port of Call on Esplanade has incredible burgers to soak up all of the alcohol you will be partaking in. Try a monsoon and prepare to be rocked. (very strong drink)

      Tuesday, you can get a muffaletta at Central Grocery, or head to Parasol's for a great oyster po boy or head to Coops for a lunch.

      In regards to your other quests:
      Mr. B's-Great BBQ shrimp (you can eat at the bar) but they are business casual and it sounds like y'all want to be a little more laid back. You can always get it to go.
      Bread Pudding: Most restaurants serve a version of this, with the best being at Commander's. If you do get them in the mood to dress up and go, there are 25 cent martinis at lunch perhaps on your Monday.You can always do self guided tours of the Garden District or cemetary. Ride the streetcar Uptown, maybe to 1st Street, and make a left. You will be in the Garden Distric and can explore outward from there. Lafayette Cemetary is right next to Commander's Palace. Just use caution when exploring a cemetary without a guide or group.
      Boudin: I don't know of anyplace in NOLA with boudin, but perhaps Cochon Butcher serves it, but not certain.
      Po boys: My favorite po boy joint is Parkway. They are in Mid-city, but a streetcar away, and a 5 minute car ride from the Quarter. Parasol's is good as well as Domilises.
      Hope this helps and you will have to let us know how your adventure turned out.

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      1. re: ScarlettNola

        Lil Dizzy's on Esplanade does not have LIVE MUSIC and is BYOB but is still well worth it.

        haha what a typo...

        1. re: kukubura

          Kukubura; I guess you mean they have no booze....(not food). Because without booze or food, you can count me out lol.

            1. re: FoodChic

              Hell of a concept for a restaurant, eh?

              1. re: kukubura

                BYOF and BYOB. It could be just the thing with the rough economy.....

                1. re: ScarlettNola

                  Rough economy or not, I wouldn't go if you paid me. What's the point?
                  How do they get away with call themselves a "restaurant"?

                  1. re: FoodChic

                    I do think he meant "booze" in place of "food". L'il Dizzy's has always had pretty good brunch food, but is BYOB. Sometimes it is easy to transpose words, so I am hoping LD did not quit serving food....

                    1. re: ScarlettNola

                      kukubura edited his post, he meant live music

                      1. re: kukubura

                        LOL....I was wondering what the hell the world was coming to...:-)

            2. re: ScarlettNola

              Thanks for the tips. Miss Mae's looks great!

              1. re: blake1138

                You really should do Snake and Jakes as well. It is a LATE night bar (after midnight or later) and is one of the most interesting bars I have ever been to. It is located in a residential area, and you will only know it is a bar because of the Christmas decor on the building. To call this a dive is a compliment, but trust is an experience. You can google them, and I believe that they have a facebook page as well. At F & M Patio Bar, they cover the pool tables with plywood late at night for a "dance floor" There is also a nice patio as well as a photo booth and a jukebox. The late night kitchen and strong drinks can fulfill all of your needs at once. It sounds like y'all are ready to party and these 3 places fit that bill. Try one or try em all!In the Quarter, also try One Eyed Jacks and have 1 drink at Pat O'Briens or The Chart Room.