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Beat my street: best food within 2 miles of your house.

Okay so I live on 19th street in the Westside of Costa Mesa. Just on 19th I have:

Taco Mesa
El Ganjanal
El Toro Bravo
TK Burger
Sushi Subicho
Jugos Frescos (home of the fruit shake where they give you the whole blender to drink from)
A Salvadorian place for Pupusas
A mexican pastry shop that honestly sells the best Flan I have ever eaten in my life for less than 2 bucks.
Plus Carn's Carney and a Kebbab place is opening in 2 weeks.

If I drive on other streets within two miles of my house I have:

The original Wahoo's (yeah it's just okay- but it's historical)
El Ranchito and their chicken soup
Lou's Oak Oven BBQ
The Golden Truffle
Super Loco Pollo
Avanti Cafe
Marekesh Morrocan (god I love the lamb with dates)

I'm not even going to include El Matador, Mi Casa, Mesa Grill, Greek Towne, Sushi Zen or any other places that I don't eat regularly at.

Beat my street.

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  1. I give you West L.A.: Corner of Santa Monica & Sawtelle.

    Sawtelle alone:
    Cafe Dahab
    Bar Hayama
    Ketchy's II
    Mizu 212
    Sawtelle Kitchen
    Asahi Ramen
    Hide Sushi
    Place Yuu
    Volcano Tea
    Restaurant 2117
    Blue Marlin
    Hurry Curry
    Ramen Kinchans
    Crepe Nazi
    Little Hong Kong Cafe
    Tofu Villa
    Bear Papa's/Mousse Fantasy
    Curry House
    Cake House
    Zip Fusion
    Daichan Kaiten Sushi
    Crepes Dusigne

    Nearby, on Olympic (not counting major chains like Subway, Panda Express, Starbucks or Baja Fresh):
    Hop Woo
    Pazzo PIzzeria
    Champagne French Bakery Cafe

    On the north end of Sawtelle (less than a mile from the corner):
    California Roll Factory
    En Sushi
    Terried Sake House
    Cafe 50's
    Gualzulgleta (sp?)
    Vietnamese restaurant (the name eludes me)
    Cacao Coffeehouse
    Sasaya Izakaya
    Benito's Tacos

    Also on SM Blvd. (definitely within 2 miles):
    Siam Chan
    Echi-don't-go Sushi
    Monte Alban Oaxaca
    Ono Hawaiian BBQ
    Eilat Bakery
    Javan Persian
    Il Grano
    Darya Persian
    Zankou Chicken
    Jin Jiang

    Did someone say Persian? Westwood Blvd. is also within 2 miles of that corner!
    Persian Ice Cream
    Shamshiri Grill

    Now that we're on Westwood Blvd. (still within 2 miles):
    Byblos Lebanese
    Sushi Masu
    California Chicken Factory
    Pitfire Pizza
    Philly's West
    Attari Sandwich Shop
    Zinio Brazilian Cafe
    Mary & Robb's Westwood Cafe
    Danube Bulgarian
    Emporio Thai
    JuJu Cereal Bar

    Weswood Village proper (north of Wilshire, with all its eateries) is POSSIBLY within 2 miles, but just to be safe (since I didn't measure it out exactly), I'll leave it out.

    Any questions?

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    1. re: J.L.

      You forgot Hole in the Wall burger. Burp!! ;-D>

      1. re: J.L.

        Great list! Two quick corrections -- I think you may be thinking of Juquila, not Guelaguetza. The Vietnamese place is Le Saigon -- love their pork bun.

        Also, Westwood Village is indeed within 2 miles of that intersection -- in fact, it's closer to 1 mile. I live a little northwest of there and have walked to Westwood many times.

        Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the food options within 2 miles of my house.

        1. re: J.L.

          That is a great list JL.
          Question: which of these places are your favorite? I live and dine in that area so ive tried much of these places but its hard to decide which to try next.
          My favorites are:
          La Bottega
          Terried Sake House

          1. re: toonoble

            I'm happy to have Bay Cities and Father's Office within a few blocks of home.

            1. re: J.L.

              I used to live in Costa Mesa/HB area on Brookhurst/Hamilton and I have to give credit to Taco Mesa and Lou's.

              But now I live near the Sawtelle/SM corner and it's been a real treat to be so close to all those places mentioned above.

              I'll add to that
              -Amandine for amazing pastries
              -Bar * Food for incredible happy hour
              -Hachi (poor man's Nobu, on Wilshire/Brockton). This is a new favorite of ours
              -Asakuma for amazing miso cod
              -Emil's Swiss Pasties, which serves fantastic Lavazza coffee
              -Yogurt Factory, recently remodeled and much nicer now
              -Star Bakery, wonderful Persian treats
              -Paris Pastry -- our favorite for fresh bread and tortes

              1. re: havepixel

                Yes, nice additions, havepixel.

                I also accidentally omitted Tofu-Ya (also on Sawtelle).

                I see that many 'hounds had a lot of time to compile lists & type them out today... :D

              2. re: J.L.

                i wouldn't rate mine as *the best* esp in terms of cheap eats, but i'm in beverly hills near beverly and charleville... and in no particular order

                sushi sushi
                al gelato
                il buco
                green leaf chop shop
                porta via
                kate mantilini
                ed's coffee shop
                la provence
                newsroom cafe
                petrossian patisserie
                la scala
                il pastaio
                belwood bakery
                beverly hills cheese shop
                coupa cafe
                il cielo
                mickey fine
                ruth's chris
                urth caffe
                beverliz cafe
                barney greengrass

                1. re: J.L.

                  J.L. can add Hiko to the list.

                2. Mine pales in comparison, but I like them nonetheless. Dana Point, basically Selva and Golden Lantern.

                  Stonehill Tavern
                  Savannah Chophouse
                  Harbor Grill
                  Aurora's Taquiera
                  Gen Kai
                  Bon Jour Cafe
                  Salt Creek Grill

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                  1. re: 1000steps

                    Ditto your list but I'll add.
                    Mario's by the Sea
                    Las Golondrinas

                  2. Cheesecake Factory (don't laugh, shrimp and bacon club, dutch caramel apple chzcake)
                    Charthouse (happy hour!)
                    Aunt Kizzy's (eat your feelings!)
                    Taco's Por Favor (really good actually!)
                    C&O Trattoria and Cucina (I know, but the garlic rolls!)
                    Kifune (Love the chef Hide and really fresh!)
                    Gaby's Mediterranean Express and the non-express
                    Organic Panificio (I like breakfast there)
                    Joni's Coffee (great coffee and breakfast!)
                    Beechwood (all I know is drinks there!)
                    Johnnie's New York
                    China Bistro
                    Mao's Kitchen
                    26 Beach
                    Cafe Del Rey
                    3 Square
                    Alejo Presto
                    Baby Blues BBQ
                    Gjelina (Pizza...)
                    Sugarfish (I liked it!)
                    Rose Cafe
                    The Counter
                    Mercedes Grill
                    Terrace Cafe
                    Shanghai Red's
                    Rainbow Acres (I know its technically a market...)

                    And all the other places on Abbott Kinney, the Washington Pier, Admiralty, maybe some of Lincoln and Main St. Sorry I got lazy... as you can tell with the dying string of my descriptions!)

                    AND a McD's and Del Taco and Jerry's?! I have to have won!

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                    1. re: Yes Please

                      You live where I live, clearly.
                      Try the burger at Beechwood, and the sweet potato fries.
                      You left out:
                      Antica Pizzeria
                      Lemonade (so happy for the opening of this one!)
                      Abbot's Pizza
                      French Market Cafe

                      If you walk to the food, none of the calories count, right?

                    2. Walking distance of where I live (up to 1/2 mile)
                      (Disclaimer: Haven't tried them all yet.)
                      I guess living in the heart of Santa Monica isn't really fair.

                      Cora's Coffee Shop for breakfast and hamburgers
                      Bay Cities Deli for maybe the best selection of deli sandwiches
                      El Texate for good Oahuacan
                      La Grand Orange
                      The Lobster for lobster and a great view
                      Frito Misto
                      Joe's Pizza good thin sliced pizza
                      One Pico for dinner and a view
                      Warszawa for good polish/Eastern European
                      Chez Jay
                      Cha Cha Chicken for funky Jamaican
                      Tommy's for comfort food
                      Taqueria Chihuahua for good dorado tacos

                      Up to 1 mile away:
                      Rustic Canyon
                      Ocean Ave Seafood
                      Ye Olde King's Heade
                      Tacos Por Favor
                      Boa Steakhouse

                      1. I'll play
                        Bake N Broil
                        Johnny Reb's
                        Walker's BBQ Smoke Pit
                        M&M Soul Food
                        Thai Corner
                        Super Mex
                        Kinokawa Japanese
                        Trattoria Limone
                        Il Poggio
                        Baba Ghanouj
                        Hole Mole/Ecco's
                        Babe's Kitchen
                        Baja Sonora
                        Bamboo Teri
                        Phil Trani's
                        Porky's Pizza
                        Catalano Pizza
                        Z Pizza
                        Red Mango
                        I Luv Sushi
                        Golden Spoon Yogurt
                        Johnny's Yogurt
                        Polly's Bakery Cafe
                        Hof's Hut
                        Pollo Campero
                        It's a Grind

                        Some good choices but not a great list, is it?!
                        However, I still haven't found a Thai place that serves gringo's hotter food than Thai Corner.

                        1. Part of the reason I did this list was so people could see where they want to live or spend time on vacation or just walking around. Make sure to list the streets where you live. These are great so far. Thanks.

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                          1. re: meltedcheese

                            awesome idea also helps when we are in differant parts of the city and get hungry.

                            Hollywood and Vermont.

                            I don't like yucas shoot me but the taco's at Korner Kitchen are pretty good across from Thomas Starr middle school on franklin.
                            Pizza only: farfalla and il capriccio pizza
                            Sgt recruiter for some easy oysters and glass of wine.
                            thai: jitalda
                            japanese: saito sushi,
                            I know it is a chain Niko Niko for a quick cheap bent box lunch not the best sushi but works when cost an issue or want to sit outside just not crazy about it but the other half likes the ease and walking distance.
                            En sushi another chain but easy and 10.00 pitchers at H.H. decent sushi.
                            Hmm I see a bad pattern here.
                            ( my fav Izayou and suhi gen but beyond 2 mile radius.)
                            Chicken: Zankou chicken
                            Indian : Agra
                            Canale may be a bit more then 2 miles
                            Thats all I got
                            did I mention sizzler ? just kidding.

                            1. re: johnnyshungry

                              Hi neighbor, I live three blocks from you!

                              I would add:

                              Il Capriccio on Vermont
                              Figaro Cafe
                              Fred 62 (for the mac & cheese)
                              Cobras Y Matadors (soon to be RIP if it hasn't already)
                              Square One
                              The Kitchen
                              All of Thai Town
                              Alcove (OK for breakfast and for the patio)
                              Intelligentsia Coffee
                              Pazzo Gelato
                              Cheese Store of Silverlake
                              Say Cheese
                              Blair's (most of the other places on Rowena like the Edendale are out of my radius)
                              Malo (not a huge fan myself)

                              and last but not least ... Yuca's (well, *I* love it!)

                              1. re: maxzook

                                Cobras and Matadors is going to close?? Why?? All the locations, or just Silverlake?

                                1. re: schrutefarms

                                  Just Los Feliz (I think) ... closed the beginning of August. Not sure about the fate of the other branches, that's the only one I've ever been to.

                                  It's going to be a Unami Burger, which I've not yet tried, but based on Chow opinions I hear both good and bad.

                                  1. re: maxzook

                                    Interesting! I've always been a fan of C&M on Beverly, but I did like the full bar at the Sunset location. Unami burger, huh? I've yet to try it, because, if I'm honest, a drive more than three miles from my house in this city mentally exhausts me before I've even started out. Any idea when it will open?

                                    1. re: schrutefarms

                                      If this is to be believed, the Los Feliz Umami is opening today!?


                                2. re: maxzook


                                  Little Dom's
                                  En Sushi
                                  Chi Dynasty
                                  Green Leaves
                                  Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

                            2. I'm in Reseda:

                              Pho So 1
                              Pho 999
                              Nippon Ramen
                              It's All Good Kebab House
                              El Taco Llama
                              El Indio
                              Top Thai
                              Vin Loi Tofu
                              Sandwich Express
                              Lum Ka Naad
                              Fab's Hot Dogs
                              Brooklyn Pizza
                              Rincome Thai (this one might actually be 3 miles from me)
                              Pita Pocket
                              Falafal Palace
                              My Hero
                              Brent's Deli
                              BCD Tofu House
                              Melody's Kitchen/Las Fuentes
                              The Firehouse
                              Mandarin Deli

                              a little further:
                              Hummus Bar and Grill
                              Sam's Philly Cheesesteak

                              1. Isn't this supposed to be the "best"? Not every dang spot in your hood.

                                I'm at MacArthur Park:
                                Mama's Hot Tamales
                                Beverly Soon Tofu
                                Park's BBQ
                                Two Boots
                                Dino's Chicken and Burgers
                                Taco Zone/Tacos Arizas

                                I'll let someone else cover Downtown.

                                1. I'm Montana Ave area:

                                  Father's Office
                                  Rustic Canyon
                                  Bar Pintxo
                                  Joe's Pizza

                                  1. I'm in WLA so I've got everything that JL put on his/her list - great picks JL!
                                    Nook, Nanbankan, Kiriko, Orris, Bar Hayama, Il Grano, Darya, Javan, Shamshiri, Zankou, Monte Alban are my main favs on list..some others are good but these ones here are fav WLA spots

                                    I'd add to list (if within 2 miles)
                                    Il Moro
                                    Chunk King (ok, average)

                                    I think Westside Tavern is only 2 miles.
                                    Pecorino in brentwood is about same.
                                    Banderas - decent salmon and great old fashioned cocktails

                                    i'm likely missing more,

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                                    1. re: travelingmansoul

                                      We West Los Angelenos are indeed very lucky - yes, I did accidentally omit those places you mentioned also. Whew! Our West LA list is growing!

                                    2. Altadena, Lake and Mariposa:
                                      Big Mama's
                                      Fredos Cheesesteak
                                      Roscoes Chicken & Waffles
                                      Little Red Hen
                                      Pueblas Tacos

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                                      1. re: martyR

                                        Bulgarini's - is that the gelato place?

                                        1. re: Phurstluv

                                          Brentwood Restaurants near my home

                                          Cynthia;s for fried chicken on Montana
                                          Early World for breakfast
                                          Bandera for yummy ribs
                                          Chabuya on Sawtelle for great ramen

                                          1. re: Phurstluv

                                            Yep, that's the one. Just a block away from me.

                                            1. re: martyR

                                              I must get there. Do they sell anything other than gelato that I should know about?

                                              1. re: Phurstluv

                                                fri and sat nights they serve itlaian dinners and a movie

                                                  1. re: Phurstluv

                                                    yep, they do. unless it's only a summer time thing???? i don't know abou that.

                                                    1. re: Phurstluv

                                                      They send out a weekly email with the name of the FREE movie and the dinner menu so get on the list!

                                            2. re: martyR

                                              RIP Fredo's. Empty, everything off the windows, no signage. Its glory days were long past, anyhow, but still...

                                              I'm just a mile downhill from you and a block over, so what you got is pretty much what I got (though I have not yet sampled Big Mama's or Little Red Hen, and I'm so glad you skipped right over the utterly twee Fox's. But I would hasten to add La Caravana, considered by many to be the best Salvadoran restaurant in LA County, on Lake across from Food 4 Less. Also being farther downhill, I can add Europane, Malbec and Madeleine's. There's also a new place on Mentor between that theater and the Ice House that looks promising.

                                              1. re: Will Owen

                                                Hi Will. I just noticed yesterday that Fredo's is gone. Caput. So, we now have Pho in the 'hood. When we gonna meet to try it? LMK. L

                                                1. re: WildSwede

                                                  That is as of tomorrow, if I remember correctly. Let's give it a few days, like maybe around this time next week? Email offline...

                                                  I still need to check out their CFS!

                                                  1. re: Will Owen

                                                    When I drove by yesterday, I noticed a lot of new pictures of food in the windows. Looks like they will be offering several Vietnamese options. Will be interesting to try!

                                                2. re: Will Owen

                                                  You're right, Will, Fredo's glory days were long past, but that doesn't make this news any easier. I wonder whatever happened to Dan? Probably runs a taco shop in Philly.

                                              2. The contenders in my neighorhood:

                                                Fab Hot Dog
                                                Cupids Hot Dog (a chain, but it holds a special place in my heart)
                                                QT Chicago Dog
                                                (its a pretty good dog nieghborhood!)
                                                Brooklyn Pizza
                                                El Taco Llama
                                                Pho So 1
                                                Johnny Pacific Empenadas
                                                Carillo's Mexican Deli
                                                And this Thai place on Receda with a pretty expansive menu, can't recall the name but its good.

                                                1. beverly/la brea:
                                                  just to name a few: grace, luna park, providence, ortolan, angelini osteria, hungry cat, unami burger, lawrys, foundry on melrose, pinks, campanille, and many many more. too bad i cant afford to try all of them!

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                                                  1. re: samtron608

                                                    I think you just got started! There are lots of affordable options around here, too. What about Loteria and Bob's doughnuts and the rest of Farmers' Market? Or Joan's on Third? Or Angeli Caffe? I live a little southwest of you and I have walked home from Luques--it might be a little more than 2 miles--but after dinner--its a downhill walk!

                                                  2. I live in Topanga Canyon, and there is -- quite literally -- NO food within 2 miles of my house. The closest is Inn of the Seventh Ray, which is about 3.2 miles (by road -- less, I suppose, as the crow flies), which is OK. Very close to there is Rocco's Pizza in the Canyon, which I think is better -- certainly more value dollar for dollar.

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                                                      1. re: J.L.

                                                        Can't leave home without one.

                                                    1. Anaheim Hills

                                                      Del Taco
                                                      Pic Up Stix
                                                      Von's Deli
                                                      Porky's Pizza

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                                                      1. re: subal

                                                        You win the "mirror image" Universe prize from JL's neighborhood... ;-D>

                                                          1. re: J.L.

                                                            Me so hungry...me want to eat.

                                                      2. Hancock Park (and sticking with in the two-mile challenge:

                                                        soot bull jeep
                                                        kyochon chicken
                                                        pollo a la brasa
                                                        bcd tofu
                                                        sa rit gol
                                                        Roscoes chicken & waffles
                                                        Hungry Cat
                                                        Pizzaria Mozza
                                                        Osteria Mozza
                                                        Le Petit Greek
                                                        Angelini Osteria
                                                        La Buca
                                                        cobras and matadors
                                                        Zankou chicken
                                                        In-N-Out Burger
                                                        Tommy's Original World Famous
                                                        Lou on Vine
                                                        Ca Brea
                                                        Luna Park
                                                        Chan Dara
                                                        Chosum Galbee
                                                        Foundry on Melrose
                                                        Mario's Peruvian
                                                        Village Pizza

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                                                        1. re: Food622

                                                          you;re s is definitely a chowish area.

                                                        2. What's weird is that I was watching the movie "Beat Street" when I clicked on this thread.

                                                          Even weirder is that I live within your two mile radius as well. At 18th and Orange.

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                                                            1. re: J.L.

                                                              That's what i said!!!

                                                              Anyways, I prefer El Toro Bravo above all else. And, afterwards, Goathill Tavern!

                                                              1. re: grendel20

                                                                I remember getting kicked out of Goathill Tavern when I was a teen-the ONLY place my trusty fake ID was denied!

                                                          1. Eagle Rock/Glassel Park =
                                                            Columbo's (good old-school vibe)
                                                            The Coffee Table
                                                            Pizza Bianca
                                                            Auntie Em's
                                                            Senor Fish