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Jul 16, 2009 10:38 PM

Blueberry pie

I already asked this in the Montreal board, but I'm in Toronto this week. Where in Toronto for the best blueberry pie? Meaning using in-season premium bluerries at least.

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  1. I had an excellent blueberry pie from Altitude Bakery on Queen E near Greenwood a few months back. Really dense flavourful blueberry filling, and none of that hideous gluey jam-like sludge.

    1. The best blueberry pie I've had was purchased at the St Lawrence Market's North Market - Farmers Market (open only on Saturdays). While I forget the name of the vendor, accroding to the St Lawrence Market's website: Catherine Roncetti

      Also, they have great struedal.

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        Thanks. Now you remind me of the pie vendor at St Lawrence Market's North Market, when I was last in Toronto last summer(didn't get anything from the vendor at that time). I had went early Saturday morning. I'll try to go tomorrow & look for their blueberry pie.

        1. re: BLM

          Hi, are we talking wild blueberries or tame? Big difference if anybody has ever had both...let me know (wild only please) as the only good one that is not home made I buy once a year up in Northern Ontario near Sudbury where a lot of the Muskoka roadside wild blueberries are obtained from. (my Aunt picks them for the Sudbury supplier) Anything local so far has been a disappointment.

          1. re: ebay3392

            Yeah, it's the wild ones. First got the urge for blueberry pie, when I saw a fairly recent segment on the Martha Stewart television program, where she had as guest a baker making blueberries pies, by sourcing special premium wild blueberries from Maine.

        2. re: Rudiger

          BTW, I got the blueberry pie at the St Lawrence Market's North Market last Saturday. And I made sure, they use wild blueberries in the pie(took asking 2 people).

          1. re: BLM

            How much was it if you don't mind me asking?

            1. re: ebay3392

              $6 for their small wild blueberry pie.

                1. re: mramage

                  I suggest phoning Flaky Tart 416 484-8278

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