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Ame, or Boulevard?

My gf's got a birthday coming up, and we're having a hard time deciding between these two. What do you think?

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    1. Ame is really delicious and unique, beautiful presentation and great flavors.

      1. My wife took me to Ame for my bday in April and it was great. The atmosphere at Ame is definitely more elegant than Boulevard.

        1. I'd say both are fantastic, Ame has a little more ambiance but the biggest difference is the kind/category of food.

          1. Ame, interesting and delicious. Boulevard same old and not that good.

            1. Another vote for Ame. It's my favorite special occasion restaurant. In fact, my husband took me there for my birthday last month!

                1. These are my two favorite restaurants in the city at their price level... by a lot! You cannot go wrong with either.

                  That said, here are where I think the differences are:

                  Boulevard is an *easier* menu to navigate. More options and more "normal" options. Ame has lots of flavor combinations you've not tasted before and uses some unusual ingredients.

                  Boulevard has a very varied clientele, from ganrdparents to teenagers, it is a comfortable and relaxing restaurant, but not chic. Ame, on the other hand, is full of late 20's and thirtysomethings in a modern and somewhat minimalist environment. More sophisticated, in some respects. Sharper.

                  The portions at Boulevard leave a 175lb male *needing* dessert in order to feel full. Ame, portions are such that dessert is entirely optional fr a 175lb male.

                  I have a *slight* preference for the food at Boulevard. But, intellectually, I find the food at Ame more interesting.

                  The wine lists at both are excellent but Boulevard is priced *slightly* better and is slightly more extensive.

                  You cannot go wrong at either.

                  1. I like Ame a lot more than Boulevard. I was consistently underwelmed by the food at Boulevard. Ame, on the other hand, is simply delicious.

                    1. another vote for ame. much more interesting menu and a higher level of refinement.