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Jul 16, 2009 08:38 PM

Long Beach dining? Benley Vietnamese Kitchen open or closed?

I'm headed to the Carpenter Center for the Arts in Long Beach tomorrow night. Benley Vietnamese Kitchen sounded like a good possibility, but a poster in Zagat from June said the restaurant was no longer there. I called and got an answering machine (seems like they ought to be open and answering their phone, but at least it wasn't disconnected).

Does anyone know if they're still open? And if they're not, does anyone have any other good suggestions (preferably not too pricey, but ethnic and interesting would be great) for places close to the Carpenter Center (6200 E. Atherton St.)? I'll be coming from Hollywood, so something on the way would also be possible.



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  1. Looks like Benley still exists--got a hold of them after a couple of tries. Not sure what the person posting in Zagat was thinking. Still, I'd welcome other suggestions for LB eateries.


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      You beat me to it. I read your original post and called Benley but only got the answering machine. I got in my car and drove there (it is close and one of my favorites) and was happy to see the lights on and people at the tables.

      1. re: Ringo Gato

        I told the restaurant about what the poster had written in Zagat--that certainly can't help their business if people think it's closed. I'm going to go there tomorrow night, I think, and post a Zagat review, in part to refute this misinformation.

        1. re: jonplaywright

          Three words

          Buttermilk panna cotta

    2. we eat there on a fairly regular basis. not only is BENLEY open, it's terrific.

      we recently had a seven-course tasting menu (which you need to call in advance for) and it was outstanding. the vermicelli noodles with lemongrass pork and their pho broth really stand out.

      whether you order from the menu or ask them to do something special, i'm not sure you could be disappointed.

      hope you enjoy! oh and yes, i'd travel the 45 miles just for the panna cotta. he made some amazing mini-churros last week as well.