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Jul 16, 2009 07:47 PM

Farragut North- Drinks, Not Dives

A good friend and I are meeting in Farragut North tomorrow- she just started working there, I'm visiting for the evening. Neither of us know much about the area. Where are some good places to get dinner and then drinks? Preferably not dive bars, but not over $20 a plate. You know, fun places! Thanks in advance.

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  1. With a bit of walking: Vapiano's, Daily Grill, Cafe Asia, Nando's.

    1. Drinks and nibbles - Science Club. but not a proper dinner as such.

      1. Town & Country bar at the Mayflower Hotel for drinks.

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          second the mayflower bar. sit at the bar and watch sam do magic tricks. good happy hour "freebie" food, too.

            1. re: Jacey

              The freebie food is actually not all that great. My Book Club meets there every once in awhile and I would describe the food as odds and ends, tids and bits type of food.

              Usually some sorts of dips and some hot food...can't remember the particulars but it's nothing grand. It is free though :)

        2. I would head over to Taberna del Alberdero and get excellent spanish tapas and a glass of Spanish wine (or even better, Sangria!). If you can get there before 7pm (I think that's the time but double check) you can get 1/2 off tapas and sangria. It's a great deal. Also if the bar area looks crowded, don't worry...many times they have given me a table in the area directly behind the bar (ask nicely).

          Another option would be Vapiano. They also have outdoor seating, which might be good if the weather isn't too sweltering. I'm pretty sure they have a full bar and wine.

          1. Vapiano's food is great but the situation awkward: due to the ordering system, you never both get your food at the same time so one of you ultimately ends up waiting for the other one (at least 5 minutes) and it's just weird. But their food really is awesome, so if you're dining with someone that you're very comfortable with you should be fine.

            I spend alot of time in this area — both eating and drinking — and I'll tell you right now the best places for dinner in the area cost well more than $20 a plate. There are great deals to be found at lunch down here, but not so much dinner. Off the record, the bar at the Hay-Adams hotel would be good for drinks; it's not at all divey, nor is it unreasonably pricey, either. I think Equinox has a great bar (albeit small) with creative drinks, but the dinner there is definitely out of your price range. Perhaps you could do dinner at Teaism (lafayette square lcoation), which is definitely in your budget, and then stroll over to Equinox for drinks?

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              Equinox bar is great? Are you kidding me? It's tiny and has no "scene" in a good or bad way. It's usually people waiting for their tables.

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                if you note i said "albeit small." I know equinox isn't the trendiest place in DC, but i think their bartender mixes up some inventive cocktails.